Tuesday, January 24, 2006

snails and whales, oh my!

Here are 2 of my felted purses by request.
The whale is my favorite so far.
The snail is grub's favorite.
Hopefully I will have all my purses,
including the new ones,
on my website soon.
But i am in grad school afterall....
need to get this whole research thing going...

i am a sworn fuller...
i like to felt or full almost anything...
purses just better received than anything else...
and easier to decorate with bugs and such...

why do i like to felt:
- i can make mistakes and wash them away
(when else can you do that?)
- i can knit on huge needles
and not feel lame
- i can knit in smokey bars
and then wash the stink away
(although i hope DC bars will be
smoke-free soon like seattle)...
- i can use cascade 220 to my heart's content...

there are probably more reasons
but i can't think of them
because i have only had 1 cup of tea.
i am out of p g tips
so i haven't been thinking straight.
help me...someone send me pg tips soon.

i forgot that
David Brancaccio was my boyfriend
between Ray Suarez and Kai Ryssdal.
Sorry David, it's been a while....
ms. pea always thought that
you were smarmy anyway.

greetings to maai!
my oldest best friend from the san pedro,
ice skating,
giant pixie stick days.
missed you.


f. pea said...

I want a snail one. My birthday's in July. cough!

Ma'ai said...

Those are genius.

But I didn't expect any less.

Everyone is sick of me raving about how 'cool' we were ice skating.

Miss you too.

suzamaphone said...

i can't WAIT for my oobles bag.

well, i *can* wait, i suppose, since that's what i've been doing ... but i'm excited to get it, anyway.