Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Sew Fast/SO Sleazy

That would be Sew Fast/Sew Easy.
Sorry did I misspell that?

Here are the
TOP 5 reasons to

1. They think that
they were the first people
to come up with the phrase
"stitch and bitch"
They said
"No other usage of Stitch & Bitch ever occurred before the first Friday evening gatherings at Sew Fast Sew Easy in it's first location 147 West 57th Street and Stitch and Bitch Café was one of the first online forums of its kind."
2. They threatened yahoo with a copyright lawsuit
and all of the stitch-n-bitch groups had to
change their names to "SnB"
to avoid being shut down
(See Debbie Stoller's letter to our groups)!
3. Some groups were not fast enough
and actually got shut down,
including stitch-n-bitch chapel hill
after serving the knitters
of the Triangle since 2001!
4. After shutting down the already
active groups of stitch-n-bitch
throughout the country,
(now that is LOW)...
check it out
and make sure to leave a nasty note
if they started one for your group...
ms. pea did for the NC Raleigh group.
And I would have too
but they only list states apparently
because the District was left off of it.
But keep an eye out.
5. So now after royally screwing
all the already active
stitch-n-bitch groups
they now want to sell us their
special patented
"stitch-n-bitch" products.
How nice for them!

Join me in boycotting
Sew Fast/Sew Easy.
Free to Stitch - Free to Bitch
for more info,
alternative places
to purchase knitting products
some ideas about what you can do...

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suzamaphone said...


i do believe i've said this before, but i guess i have to say it again: my 89 yr-old grandma had a "stitch 'n' bitch" group. so when i heard about the debbie stoller book, it just made me think of my grandma's group. no one owns this name.