Monday, January 23, 2006

"We still got apes and monkeys."

Okay... i have to post twice today
due to some serious procrastinating
this great quote i just found...

Last night on my way home
I listened to Ray Suarez
(my old boyfriend, before Kai Ryssdal)...
hosting and american radioworks presentation
on Intelligent Designs on Evolution...
(which you can listen to for free by the way)...
This was one of the best quotes from the whole thing:

"Man: In school, I do remember a picture of an ape or a monkey,
or whatever, then progressing to what changed into a man.
Why didn't all of them change?
We still got apes and monkeys.
Why don't you see one changing now a' days?"

We should let more people
like this man decide what science
we teach in schools,
don't you think?

PS I was horrified to find out that
the Discovery Institute
(what a misnomer, it kinda sickens me to link to this site)
is based in Seattle.
I should tell my Dad (a subject for a later rant & rave).


suzamaphone said...

ugh. i know which building the discovery institute is housed in on 3rd ave.

i will have to go by there sometime and fling monkey poo at them.

Ma'ai said...


I want to see your purses. Please write.

Thanks for finding me. :)