Thursday, December 17, 2009

reflections 2009: one. two.

reflections 2009

i was
sitting here
by the christmas tree
and i
planned to write
a whiny post
my shortcomings
being overwhelmed
i was drawn back
this beautiful post
by shari
and thought
that instead
i could reflect
on the good
that came out
this past year.

so i will follow
shari's lead...

. . . . .

no. 1: favorite trip

i was lucky enough to travel
quite a bit this year.
but i always return
again and again
to memories
of my trip
to sea ranch each year.

searanch: grub jumped

perhaps it is
it's the only time
i can relax
and just be.
it's because i am
a water baby
always anxious
to return to the sea.
this year
my dear friend
joined us
for a few days
by the sea.
i love that place.
and i cherish
the memories
of each year i
get to return.

no. 2: favorite restaurant experience

searanch: A16 dessert

every time
i have been
to ubuntu
it amazes me,
i'd have to say
that my lunch
at a-16 with
grub this spring
was the
most memorable.
i love to share
a these experiences
with grub
because we can
get completely
in enjoying
the food
and the experience.
we don't have to worry
about conversation
or if the other person
is having a good time-
we can just enjoy.
it was memorable
nate appleman and crew
breaking down a pig
while we ate.
maybe it was
the unusual
and delicious
bottle of wine,
the perfect pizza,
the weird
incredibly tasty
i can't decide.

. . .

what are
your reflections
on the year past?

more soon.

have you seen
this month.
it gives me
a little joy
each day.



shari said...

we loved our meal at a16 as well. so good. i'm looking forward to seeing more of your 2009 favorites. xo

lisa solomon said...

it's great to see your favorites!!

suzamaphone said...

hooray for sea ranch! i'm so happy i got to be a part of your happy times this year. thank you (and grub) for letting me share that experience. love you lots and lots and lots.


abby try again said...

I love this post.
Shari has a way of making one remember the great things in life, doesn't she?
Happy Holidays to you and Grub, my dear!

gracia said...

Happy holidays to you and your sweet ones near and far... I have so enjoyed reading your year that has been (all the more so because if I were to pen a post this evening it would one of grumbles. Your post has lifted my spirits.) and I am keen to see what 2010 brings.

christina said...

i stumbled on to your blog tonight, as i sit with my tea.
oh honey, it's lovely here.
and habit~swoon.
i love that you were inspired, to reflect on the good~
: )

Jet said...

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emily said...

i enjoyed reading your recollections. and i love knowing that other people are enjoying habit this month as much as i am.