Tuesday, December 29, 2009

reflections 2009: three. flour. more


happy belated

only a few days
left of 2009.
a little scary,
don't you think?
is it just me,
or does it
seem like
time moves faster
as you get older.
how time
just seemed
when i
was little.

before the year
is done,
here are
a few more
reflections on the year past.

. . . . . . .

three. best packaging
four. tea of the year


lisa sent me
tea from andrews & dunham
for my birthday.
the packaging
introduced me
to the design group
aesthetic apparatus.
a new favorite of mine.
i am a big collector
of concert posters
so i love
to discover
a new artist...
my favorite tea
is the one called
Thomas Sampson.
thanks lisa!

five. word or phrase.

well, i have a lot
of phrases.
this year i said
it's all the rage
we go with the army we have,
not the army we wish we had

(i usually replace "army" with "data")
about a million times.
but my saying
for this year
the upcoming year
one my mom always said...
"come hell or high water."
as in,
i am going to finish
my phD in 2010
come hell or high water.

memorable car ride.

that would have to be
the car ride
grub and i took
from cancun
to chetumal, mexico
in september.
driving in mexico
was both fascinating
and nerve-wracking
but the smells
and sights
are clear
in my minds eye
like it was yesterday.
the smell
of the fish tacos,
that grub declared
were the best
he'd ever had.
tulum: the perfect fish taco
(if you knew grub,
you'd know he never
says "best" anything).
i only wish
i had had
the time
the guts
(and the language)
to talk to
take photos of
the people
i saw.
the girl
walking her monkey.


seven. project.

being a part of
in may
and again
this december.
tomato-fennel soup
it meant
a great deal
to me
to be among
the words
and visions
of such
amazing women
who i admired.
it was
a part
of my year
i will cherish.

i think
i have already
too much
i will
do a photo
wrap up
of the year
in the next
few days.

what was
most memorable
for you this year?




lisa solomon said...

i love your reflections and am honored that the tea/packaging made your list....


nancy said...

your photography is so beautiful, as are the words which accompany it. i've not been to mexico, but i loved my time in guatemala (some of my travel photography is accessible through the slideshow on my photo blog). the most memorable moment for me of 2009 was giving birth to my son after many years of infertility struggle, my common-law marriage ending and me throwing a last-ditch attempt as a single woman at in vitro surgery with an anonymous donor. after years of thinking i could not bear a child, to push him out between my legs at age 42 - well, it's hard to describe that feeling and the feeling of every day since it happened. (but i try to on my blog anyhow). i wish you and yours a beautiful 2010 and i look forward to more of your posts and photography on trinoculars as well. happy holly days!

emily said...

and i am so honored that habit made your list. truly, i'm honored and humbled to know that the project was so meaningful to you. truly.