Tuesday, March 11, 2008

travels by train

traveling by train

i spent
whole day
home by train
from upstate
new york.

the scenery is
so beautiful...

traveling by train

i wished
i could
get off
the train
and walk around
the tiny towns
i passed.

i wondered
what it would
be like
to live
in one of
those small towns.
how would
i be different?
how would
i be the same?

my travels were
by late arrivals,
missed connections,
i sat in
a river
for 3 hours
of a fatality
on the tracks

i watched
the sun
go down
the river
in trenton.

traveling by train

hope you
a better

traveling by train



wendy said...

i always wonder about the small towns that race by on the train.
lovely photos.

Unknown said...

sorry that your day wasn't great, but those photos are amazing! i love the light and motion in them...

f. pea said...

another transportation vacation?? glad you're home safe + sound. and i love pola #2 in that series. makes me want to take a train!

Joetta M. said...

the images are lovely...I lived in a small town for a few years and the things that changed were my dress, more casual, my outlook, I loved the landscape in a new way, and my drink, I drank more...not much else to do but drink wine.... but I was shocked that mostly I stayed the same.

Carson said...

Reading this reminded me of a Tom Waits spoken piece about a young guy catching a greyhound bus, stopping at a diner and wondering what it would be like if he just didn't get back on the bus and just stayed for the rest of his life there. Good story.

Anonymous said...

did i tell you that the train is my most favorite way to travel? it is. most favorite. (not when it's delayed, of course. but the sunset sounds like some consolation.)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful shots, I love trains (pity about the late arrivals, missed connections and accident).

lisa solomon said...

wow. those images are amazing.
sorry you had troubles...
but there is something about trains. huh?

Jan Halvarson said...

there's such beauty in your photos, even though it was a rough day.

did you take one of your train cases?

Amanda Jean said...

first off, your photos are always so fabulous and inspiring. love the banner, too.

julie said...

Your monday was certainly beautiful...this series of train shots are really wonderful Bug - i love the golden yellows and the black.

Joanna Goddard said...

i wonder about those small towns too and try to imagine my parallel-universe life...
love this post!

Anonymous said...

Train travel always looks nice from afar but the realities of stopping for huge amounts of time and super long delays make it not so glamerous up close.