Wednesday, March 05, 2008



when was the last time
you climbed a tree?
i have wanted
to climb this
tree for

i was
little, i
often watched
my brothers jump
from a high branch
of the neighbor's
avocado tree.

i never did.
rather, i
the trunk
to the

one day
i decided
i should
stop being afraid
i climbed up
to that branch and jumped.


i broke my arm.

this was
one of many times
i broke my arm
trying to do
what they did.

i wonder
what that
about me.



gracia said...

I was a lousy tree climber, and every time I jumped, be it down from a tree, off a pier or over a fence, I always bruised a little more than my ego upon landing.
see you, g xx

louise said...

I'd love to climb that tree too. I used to love climbing trees which is surprising as I'm actually quite afraid of heights. There's something about being in a tree though that make it feel safer to be up high. xo lj

wendy said...

it says that you kept pushing forward!

lisa s said...

it says that you conquer your fears and are willing to suffer through broken arms to give something a try.... :D

Joanna Goddard said...

that is so sweet!

emily said...

this is a lesson i am trying so hard to teach my children (and, yes, to learn myself) - climb the tree. break the arm. find out who you are.

i needed this reminder at this moment. thank you for that.

babelfish said...

What a sweet story. It shows that you are determined and doesn't give up easily (you are willing to give it a go).

Mary Jane said...

Some people grew up to climb trees! Read the great book Wild Trees! and amazing tree-climbing tale.

sandra said...

i wish i dared to climb trees... inspiring post.

julie said...

I remember that i loved to climb trees..i dont remember jumping down..
i think its great to take chances!!

This beauiful tree is just calling out to be climbed! xxx

ellyy said...

i wonder how many people have climbed that tree.

if it could talk i'm sure it would have many stories to tell...