Thursday, June 28, 2007

33 things

{birthday breakfast}

i was
i had to fly down
to new orleans
to learn
a special
my research
but i am
just in time
for my

last year
it's fun
to share
random things
about me
since i turn
33 today.

1. i was born
on a wednesday.

they say
wednesday's child
full of woe.

uh oh.

2. i grew up
without tv
but my dad would
borrow one from
the neighbor as a treat.

3. i was close
to my brother
growing up.

4. i was never
very good
at baseball
and got
by the boys
on the team
i couldn't catch.

5. when i went
to catholic school,
they made us
dress as saints
for halloween.

6. my favorite pet
was a cat
i found
and named

7. if i ever have
a daughter
i want to name her
after my
crafty grandma.

8. i use to have a
play vet office
on the porch.
i called myself
"dr. lewis"
because i figured
i'd be married
and have changed
my last name.
so decided
i'd marry
huey lewis
(yes, the huey lewis).
my parents use
to tease me
about meeting
a nice
mr. lewis.

9. i will
never change
my last name.

10. i wanted to be
a veterinarian
until i was 20.

11. i fell in love
with bugs
when i was 20.

12. when i was
i had
a mad crush
on david j
the band

13. the first album
i owned was
the movie

14. i remember
buying music
on cassette tape.

15. i also remember
not having email.

16. i am scared
i will forget
what it's like
to be a kid.

17. i am still
not sure if
i want to have kids.

18. i use
to write
a lot of poetry.

19. when i was 19
my brother's
painted my car
blue and pink
with green leaves
for my birthday

20. my favorite
ice cream
is pralines
n' cream.

21. i have a scar
on my right
pinky from
when my brother
jumped out
with a knife
to scare me.

22. i am not
musical but
am trying
to learn to play

23. i have a hell
of a lot of "stuff"
and that
really depresses me

24. i am
very moody.

25. i was an
alter girl
in church.
i really loved
to ring
the bells.

26. i adored
anne of green gables

27. starting
a blog
was one
of the
most wonderful
i have never
planned to do.

28. when i was 18,
i thought that
i'd be married by 28.

29. i was
a fat

or so
i am told.

30. i am not where
i thought i'd be
at 33.
but i am okay
with that.

31. the nicest
i have ever gotten
"you remind me
of your mother."

32. a great wish
of mine
was to visit
paris with my mother.
i did at 32.

33. when i finally
get my phd
i want to visit
the galapogas

. . . . .

a present
for you.



Eero said...

That was a great list!
Happy Birthday Bugheart!


(So glad you like the Ivory carvings.....)

nikkishell said...

Happy Birthday sweet bug girl!

shari said...

i loved reading all 33 things. :) wonderful gwen. happy birthday dear friend. hope your 33rd year is filled with your favorite things. much love, shari

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday gwen, it's such a great idea to make a list like this (you haven't changed since the first picture):) May all your dreams come true!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday, dear. i hope your birthday weekend is filled with treasure.

julie said...

Happy, happy birthday lovely Gwen!!!! Hope you have a great one! Full of new dreams...loved reading your list.. xxxxx

hannah said...

yay june babies!! it really is the best month, dont you think? happy birthday gwen, a lovely lovely peek into your life.

Erin Lang Norris said...

great list!

happy birthday!

i smiled when i read #9. i kept mine, too, and didn't want to add his on but finally did after many arguments. i'm still bitter about it. (it's the only big argument we've really ever had!)

great post- have a nice day :)

Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Happy birthday to you!

f. pea said...

big smooches to a moody altar girl for your birthday! i am now itching to go watch huey lewis & the news videos on you tube.

f. pea said...

huey lewis on "solid gold":

comfies said...

a wonderful birthday list! i read every word. and such good pictures, every one.

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this list :)
Happy Birthday sweet gwen!

& if you go to the galapogas islands...I want to go with you! seriously...I dream of going.

big hugs (squeeze)

Austen said...

A belated happy birthday to you! Loved the list. Hope you have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

happy birthday!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Its a wonderful list, and your pictures are darling!

I too dream of going to the Galapagos if I ever get a PHD, they must get that a lot from zoologists, no?

Carson said...

Oh...Happy (belated) Birthday Gwen!

wendy said...

happy birthday june baby!
this is such a wonderful list!
{i spy - hehe!}

amisha said...

happy happy birthday gwen!!
this was a wonderful list of 33. hope your day is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful. I love lists and random facts about people. Thanks for sharing!

Cassie said...

what a charming post - thank you and happy birthday.

huey lewis was very dreamy. The Back to the Future soundtrack was my first favorite cassette after Thriller.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gwen! That is a good list.

Anonymous said...

very happy and very belated birthday wishes!!!
loved your charming 33 things :)

Kerstin Svendsen said...

belated happy bday! i always love your lists! that bday breakfast photo is so pretty too. i want to eat it and the breakfast.;-)
oh, and i would put my name in for your fanastic clutch, but i feel like it wouldn't be fair since i already have one of your purse wonders.