Wednesday, June 28, 2006


i was born
at 7:42 am
in long beach
32 years ago.
my birth certificate
my dad's occupation
was a
research scientist.
there's no space
for my mother's
my sister,
the oldest,
said she was
so happy
my mom finally
brought home
another girl.

i turn 32 today.
so here are…
32 random facts
about me:

1. when i was a little kid,
i used to rock myself
back and forth.
on one occasion
i rocked so violently that
i moved my crib
across the room
against the door
so my mom couldn't
get into the room.
2. i don’t think that
i have ever been tan.
3. i love espresso,
but due to a sensitive stomach
i stick to tea most of the time.
4. i am a bit of a tea snob,
i.e. boiling water,
not the microwave.
5. i love vanilla
more than chocolate.
6. my favorite sweets are
marzipan and fresh berries.
7. i have never been to australia
but have always wanted to go.
8. i met my best
and oldest friend,
in my 4th grade class
in catholic school.
we use to spend weekends
at the ice skating rink
eating giant pixie sticks
and wishing
we were olympic ice skaters.
9. i am obsessive compulsive.
i must always wash my feet
before going to bed.
i have tried to get grub
to do the same.
no luck.
10. my favorite color is blue
but i also love green.
11. i use to put click beetles
in my sister’s bed
when she was mean to me.
12. i have always wished that
i was a redhead.
my hair is actually dishwater blonde.
13. i am crazy about cheese.
14. i love a good cocktail.
15. 2 out of 3 of my brothers are bartenders.
16. i miss seattle. a lot.
17. i was a lifeguard
and swim instructor
for many years.
18. i don’t care for babies
but i adore little kids.
19. my most memorable birthday
was my 19th birthday.
i was staying with
the nicest family friends
in brussels.
i drank a cocktail
out of a coconut
in a haitian bar.
20. i like to listen to a cd
over and over
until i get sick of it.
21. i have dated both men and women.
22. i am addicted to sour patch kids candy.
23. i never sleep enough
so i can fall asleep at the drop of a hat.
24. i love sending packages.
25. i never allot enough time
to do all the things i need to do.
26. i am always late.
i really hate that i am always late.
27. i love having a partner that is an architect.
architects have the best taste in clothes.
28. today i am having
a belgium beer tasting
for my birthday.
i adore belgium beer.
29. i often wish i had chosen
art over science.
30. my cat ate some yarn
the evening before
my 30th birthday.
so i spent my 30th birthday
in the emergency with her.
my brothers have dubbed
my cat
the yarn dispenser.
31. i love any sport
that involves water.
i am otherwise
very clumsy on land.
32. i am a bit uneasy
about even numbers,
but i think i can deal
with 32
because i have
a strange fondness
for multiples of 8.

i will post my
birthday prizes.
to all of you
thank you
so much
for all
the birthday wishes!!!


Anonymous said...

Yipppee Im first! Happy Birthday, what a great list. I like that architects dress better, I shall make my partner change professions.

Your gift to yourself is in the complicated bird you.

Anonymous said...

Happy B! I love the list. I also love a good cup of espresso and/or tea (loose leaf please), cheeses, coctails, and sour patch kids is the sour candy of choice around here.

Anonymous said...

you wash your feet before you go to bed? wow, kiyomi does that too.
i can never be bothered.
HAPPY 32nd BIRTHDAY. you are the only one out of all the gang i remember being brought home. Our mother came up the stairs all haggard looking, and we all clustered around to see the new baby. that was 32 years ago. how time flies....
your present is in the mail. i was going to blame the postal system for being late, but i just posted it yesterday.
I, myself, do not like sour patch kids.

your brother

Funky Finds said...

Happy Happy birthday to YOU!!! I hope it's a funky one :)

Anonymous said...

happy birthday! and to many more!!

shari said...

hi! what a lovely post! i enjoyed your list. how was the belgian beer tasting? sounds fun. have you ever had sour patch kids mixed in with popcorn? doesn't sound good but it's the best. again, happy 32! xo shari

Anonymous said...

Happy 32! I have so many comments to your list - but, I'll just say 1) I have some click beetles here if you need them. I didn't know that was the real name for them! I thought that is just what we called them. 2) Mmmm. Belgian beer is fantastic. It will be our first stop on the Great European Beer tour. ENJOY ENJOY. 3) Come on over for some espresso and a tums!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! (people make tea in the microwave? really? blimey, doesn't that taste disgusting?)

lisa solomon said...

oh happy happy birthday... i love your list - and i LOVE that photo. it is perfectly dreamy [and just b/c you choose science doesn't mean you also do art. you do! and there's room for both!!]

KatDee said...

Oh! I overlooked your birthday. I remember you and marzipan, a lot. :)

Have a great year!

f. pea said...

happy birthday miss bugheart! i raise a cup of tea in your honor today! well, i did it yesterday actually. but i'll do it again for you!

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday! I loved reading your list; may have to borrow the idea for my 40th (I'll have to start writing now) I particularly loved entries 11 and 30. Hope you have a fabulous year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! I adored your list, as you mentioned things I kept thinking, "me too!" or "what a neat gal". :D

Shanna said...

happy belated birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day! Lovely little snippets.

hannah said...

Happy birthday!!, fab list!

Anonymous said...

I hope your day has been filled with wonderful things. Happy Birthday! You are a wonderful person.

tigerlilith said...

happy birthday bugheart! i hope you had a wonderful day. xo

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday cheer to you... and do people really boil their water in the microwave!?
cheers, grache

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! List was so awesome! I love when people share random facts about themselves...

suzamaphone said...

seattle misses you, too! it was great to talk to you last night.

and for a while there, i had to wash my feet before going to bed, too. but i think that was just your influence and now i don't do it anymore unless they're obviously dirty.


Anonymous said...

Happy and beautiful birthday! LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bugheart! Don't worry too much about the 32; you are actually starting your 33rd year. Finally got your package and postcard together. Watch for it! Many happy returns, Pink

two trees said...

happy birthday, just found your blog, so interesting i will surely be back. i, too was born in long beach...but 33 years ago on the fourth of july {l.b. mem hosp}. and i also have ties to seattle and am a tea snob!