Tuesday, July 03, 2007

something for you . . . polas

at the

. . . . .

thank you
for the
birthday wishes...
i wanted to give
something to you
for my birthday.
since i can't
make something
for everyone,
i decided
to give away
clutch purse
by me:


if you'd
like it,
just leave
a comment
and i will put
your name
into a hat...
i will draw the
birthday prize
thursday night
and post
your name
on friday
(make sure
i have a way
to contact you).

. . .

now for
a week
(i am
a week

miles to go...

after the


moijitos &
potting plants


of the

i hope that
you had
i was
in nyc...
more on that
presents from
this week!

until then,


erin scissorhands said...


i hope you had a great time in nyc...i have yet to explore that city, but i'm sure it's fabulous :)

the top photo in your "week of" is beautiful. it really strikes a chord with me.

take care, can't wait till your next entry.

Lara said...

That purse is beautiful, I love the buttons ..so cute. I hope you had a super birthday.


Carson said...

my you get around don't you?
everytime I check in you're either just gotten in from somewhere or about to go somewhere else! :)

mj said...

lovely collection of polas and cute purse!

Funky Finds said...

i can't think of a better present for anyone!!!

cruststation said...

Aww gwen! How sweet of you to offer your beautiful clutch purse as a thank you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday, love your pink outfit and polaroids.

This is Yellow said...

Happy Birthday!

Miss T said...

Happy Birthday! As always, I love your polaroids--and that purse is just the cutest!

amy rose said...

it's telling when people give gifts to others on their own birthday. hope you had a good one. amy.rose@elf.mcgill.ca

OldandBusted said...

Was that your market? Cause the mount P market has similarly stacked bread on Saturday, too.
Hope the birthday was cheery!

Henna said...

Hope your birthday was special. Love the buttons on the purse.

christine said...

You are beautiful

and so is that handbag!

xo Christine

christine [at] maganda.org

Anonymous said...

love your pictures. love the bag.


jen said...

oh, wonderful polaroids once again. i love the mojitos one! yum.

lisa lcox3@nycap.rr.com said...

love the purse! the buttons are adorable.

sew nancy said...

am new(ish) to your blog and love it!.
i really love how you incorporate the polaroids. it makes me want to shoot some right now.
you did a great job on the bag.
hope you had a lovely birthday

chrichri said...

What a lovely clutch! It reminds me of summer and little daisies with its colours. Hope you had a great special day.


ms. pea said...

mmm... it's definitely mojito season. thanks for the beautiful polas... i think monday is my favorite. i love pictures of paths winding away or gates leading down a path.

ms. pea said...

p.s. your toes are killing me with the cuteness.

kirsten said...

love to be in the giveaway, thank you! so generous. great bread photo, too.

shari said...

summery polaroids. i love them. you capture magic gwen. we are thinking of visiting soon. i'll let you know when we decide on a date. xox

Alicia A. said...

As always, your polas are beautiful.

(so is the purse!)

amisha said...

your polas are always so beautiful... this is a particularly peaceful and magical set.
hope you had a great birthday weekend in nyc!