Wednesday, April 25, 2007

fixing things

trying to get
off my desk...

. . . . .

i was just
that i have
a lot
of broken
lying around.

i always
take forever
to fix things...
it's symptomatic
of my life.
i break things
i dread
fixing them.

. . . . .

chapter 8
for the
the owen chase project.
(johnny- do NOT look)
mostly drawing
this time.

. . . . .

mailed off

. . . . .

still have
tons of
to scan for

. . . . .

a little
bit of
mail cheer...
a bug bunny


. . . . .

and lastly
a vessel
vessel wednesday.

one of my
bowls by
anna stoysich.

have a lovely



Eero said...

It looks like what you need are various types of really good glue!

Like the bug bunny. That Plushaholic is a genius. Did you see the pix of her walruses? Brilliant!


lisa solomon said...

hello there... did you notice how your last 3 photos totally matched??

i have the 911 glue place for you if you need it ! :)

i really want to get the piles off my desk...

Carson said...

I'm really bad at fixing things too.
Gorgeous polaroids.
Love the vessel
AND the bug bunny!
Really kooky lookin' eyeball on it.

Erin Lang Norris said...

hey there!

i always dread fixing things that i personally break, but if somebody else breaks it i'm usually all over it. right now i'm focusing more on the candle wax that was spilled on the carpet 2 years ago (it's kind of hidden, so you can't see it unless you LOOK for it.) and most recently, the wax that was spilled on our couch. neither of us know how it got on there, so we are thinking it was a friend who didn't say anything about it. ugh.

can't wait to see the photos!

i keep forgetting about vessel wednesday! darn.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have so many projects on the go. Oh yes, trust lisa to spot the colour match :) Love the progress made on the owen chase project.

Looking forward to more of your wonderful polaroid a day.

f. pea said...

i love the owen chase project! you have a lucky brother.

Anonymous said...

When I read this post earlier in the day, I loved the idea of you quietly accumulating broken things that are in need of mending. I have just recently come close to finishing a book of prints with a title very similar in theme ("All the discarded things, mended"). What timing!
Beautiful photos and poetic words, as always,
g xo

Anonymous said...

I'm the same way, it takes me forever to fix the little things ya know!

sounds like your in better spirits (insert big smile) and that bunny, wow. I'm with Eero, her walruses are amazing!

big hugs,

lookwhaticando said...

Ohhhhh...thanks sooo much!!! Sekt looks fab in that photo!!! Your photos are always so wonderful and I love your topics. Thanks sooo much for posting Sekt!!xo

Unknown said...

I hate fixing things. I don't know why either...