Monday, March 05, 2007

monday eyecandy . . . give-away™

i am feeling
on words
but i wanted
to share
with you
a little bit
the past
few days...

i finished
some more

{detail here}

{detail here}

my brother
came to town

we went
gallery hopping

a little
i made
when in
a long lecture

the other day
i heard on npr
that people
who multitask
store information
in their brain
in a different way
i think that
i concentrate better
when i sketch.

. . . . .

the old

it's back!
i found
2 vintage
vera pillowcases

this weekend
in my stuff
and thought
maybe one
of you might
like them...

remember to
email me!
the guidelines
please pay

have a lovely


jenifer lake said...

i love your little bird sketch!

Anonymous said...

Those pillowcases are beautiful! If no one has claimed them yet I would love to have them. I'll e-mail.
Have a great week!

shari said...

hi gwen,

i've been feeling quiet too. i always seem to around the beginning of a new season. love your new purses and your polaroids are always a treat for the eyes. cute vera pillowcases! have a nice evening. xoxo s

lisa solomon said...

ooohh lots of eye candy for sure!

i love the shot of the gallery .... although really they are all excellent. your brother can use the one of him on the railing for his book someday :)

loving the color combos in the new purses... xo

Anonymous said...

As always, poetic polaroids. And I LOVE LOVE the sketch. wow.

Anonymous said...

love the bird sketch.
if you dont want it...
i, too, automatically begin doodling when i am listening. it's this weird instict that must date back to grade school, but whenever i am in a situation where i am sitting and listening, i automatically begin drawing on something. it doesn't mean i am not listening, although countless teachers thought otherwise. maybe that's why i went into painting.

Anonymous said...

:) i also concentrate better when i calming for me.

Love your photos as usual...xx

amisha said...

the gallery polaroids are so good... it looks like such a nice visit with your brother. and i really love the bird sketch. i always concentrate better if i am multitasking... my preferred thing is to be knitting... if i am reading or listening to a lecture it helps me focus.

Annemarie said...

i guess i am not the only one,
but i too LOVE LOVE LOVE your sketch!

f. pea said...

The bow-tie closure on the bluebird purse reminds me of the little plastic barettes we used to wear in our hair as kids. So sweet!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH! How could you possibly part with a couple of VERA's?????????? They are so perfectly SPRING!!! If they have not yet been promised, I would love to give them a cozy home!!

bikeandbeer said...

end of winter = blahs. tell me about it... can't wait to go tomorrow to the new VV!!! sure to improve the mood :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh! I'm sorry I missed this. I can't see Vera anything without thinking of my grandmother. Her sheets and guest bath towels were Vera when I was a kid...

Anonymous said...

Those polaroids are just stunning! I love the last one, with the big stone walls-it is just breathtaking!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen, I love your new purses and the sketch you did during lecture! How lovely that you spent some quality time with your brother, and visiting galleries look like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a lovely weekend. your bird drawing is super cute.