Tuesday, April 18, 2006

SPT: my west coast pony

today is
my dear friend
aka pony pal
aka west coast pony
so in her honor
self portrait tuesday
april fool theme
is all about her.

i met west coast pony
my college roommate,
(who is also fabulous).
one of
the things i love
my west coast pony,
that she is my
fact checkin' cuz
(she is the
queen of trivia),
is that she
really knows how to
monkey around.
she is
a GMO pony
with monkey genes.
she is also
incredibley photogenic
(yes, we all hate her for it).
she allows me to take
the silliest pictures:

i am always
taking photos.
to hang out with me
is to get use to
a camera in your face.
besides grub
i think she is the most
willing to do silly things
for me
in front of the camera.
so i have tons
of silly pony pictures.

here is my self-portrait
that she took
on our trip through
north carolina together.
(we were a bit
obsessed with HOT
krispy kreme donuts):

last time that
i was home
we went out for
with martha.
we annoyed
the dark hipster crowd
with are constant flashing
of martha's
color splash camera!
here we are
with our cocktails.
the cocktails are called
andy warhols
which is basically
a cosmopolitan
plus a
a polaroid
picture of you!
this was an instant hit
the pony crowd:

i forget to feed
my west coast pony
and she gets
really hungry:

i miss
my west coast pony.
it's difficult
when you live far away
from your close friends.
i miss spending
most evenings
drinking coffee,
watching movies
or being crafty.
i miss the impromptu
let's meet
at the coffeeshop
in 25 minutes

of course
that was when
i lived where
there was good coffee.

hope you
have a
wonderful birthday

west coast pony.
i heart you.
east coast pony.

w. coast pony,
in honor of your birthday
feel free to red-line
my blog.


suzamaphone said...

oh my goodness, that was the cutest, sweetest, nicest blog entry ever. and it was all about me! heheh. i got so excited about it that i made one about you, too: http://suzamaphone.livejournal.com/

i love you lots, gwennie. and thanks for sharing the happy memories.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have lovely, funny friends, I love the photos! Yay for your friend b-day.

Anonymous said...

months ago, i found a tote bag on fredflare.com that would have been perfect for snooza's birthday. it had a pony picture on it, and a blue ribbon attached that said, "first prize!" unfortunately, when i went back there a couple weeks ago it was gone. they no longer carry the snooza pony tote bag. and i was sad.

love, grace

suzamaphone said...

now i'm sad about the lost pony tote bag! boo!