Tuesday, December 19, 2006

odds and ends

while unpacking
after the move
i noticed
alot of boxes
were labeled
odds and ends.
these boxes
an assortment
of things that
didn't really go
those items
that have
no real home
and float from
place to place
in your apartment
never resting
for very long.

as a person
who has
every 1-2 years
since i left
i know how
these items

i grew up
in the same home
in california.
we never moved.
i moved for
the first time
to seattle
when i was 18.
i realize now
how lucky i was
not to have to
so much.

while unpacking
i came across
these polaroids.
i must have packed
them when i moved
in 2003
n. carolina

old polaroids
my old home
in chapel hill:

one of my
roommate's bed

the sunlight
the bathroom

and even some
photos mailed
to me
when i
lived there:

a diptych
from grub
(who was in seattle)

a photobooth

my friend
as he traveled
through georgia...

i don't think
i have seen
these photos
i moved from n.c.
funny how
even with
all this
little memories
fall through
the cracks
to be rediscovered
years and years

. . . . .

now for the
monday give-away™...

the guidelines
and please pay

vintage lustroware ice bucket

1950s ice bucket.
cute vintage barware.
i love it but
i don't really use it.
so i pass it on to you.

happy monday.
until tomorrow.


lisa solomon said...

you have always had the polaroid gift... sigh....

isn't it amazing to re-find things? it's almost like thrifting, except you know the stories to everything....

Anonymous said...

great lighting in those snaps bug!
I love finding old treasures and having a rush of memories flood in :)
I love grubs diptych too!

ok now I have to go work on your gift! can you believe we are hanging out on friday??! aahh, exciting!


Anonymous said...

I love your polaroids especially 'sunlight on the bathroom carpet'. How wonderful to find things that brings back memories like a lost treasure.

f. pea said...

nice to be reminded of places from bygone days. polaroids are so good at moods. they are the mood rings of the graphical world (complete with changing colors).

Anonymous said...

Love the polaroids. The blurry bed- Nice.

Sometimes I run across old stuff like those photos and it feels weird. Like the different sections of my life overlap. (which is sometimes good, but sometimes bad.)

julie said...

Love your thoughts today gwen..and i like how lisa explained it!!

Anonymous said...

I guess most of my possessions could be described as "odds and ends" ;)
love the polas you discovered - that ice bucket is fabulous!!

hannah said...

probably one of my all time favorite thing to do is go through a pile of found photographs. i try to do this as much as possible when i go home, and i even sneak a few home with me. so you have always had a great eye for polaroids huh?

Anonymous said...

i love the top pola! what wonderful unexpected find. i have tons of that stuff too, that never seems to belong anywhere. but some of it is the most inspiring to me ;) what you describe is the good thing about moving.

Eero said...

Hi Bugheart,
You know what is really crazy? Now that I've lived in one place for two years...I miss moving! I moved every year for twelve years....and now I miss new places, new beginnings....sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi--I may wildly unclear on the concept (ahem!), but is the way cool Lustroware ice bucket spoken for? Hubby and I collect both Lustroware AND faux bois. Truly! Cool site, by the way . . . happy new year!