Thursday, December 14, 2006

village finds . . . new corners

anyone for cupcakes?

these are
some soaps

i found
thrift shopping
last week.
i swear there
was someone
in the bloggerworld
who was all into
can't remember
do you?
any way,
that's why
i bought these.
they are
so damned
{which is,
the very
of cupcakes}.

i also picked up
these small
pyrex bowls

and this
little green
covered dish.

these little dishes
{they fit into your hand}
are hard
to find-
with the lid
it's not for me
{or i would
have to get
of something}...
it's for a
pyrex collecting

more village finds
when i go
with astrid...

. . . . .

is really difficult
right now...
i can't find anything.
i finally
found my
there are
still boxes
we i
have too
it's a little

but here's
one corner
free of
that's almost
back to normal.

{note: patio
in background}

and here.


Anonymous said...

wonderful cup-cake-soaps :) give the person a prize who invents such things! the pyrex bowls are pretty little beauties, too. you're getting there with the your apt! there will be crafting again soon :)

Anonymous said...

So nice to have you back! I've missed your posts.
It looks like you are moving into your new place nicely. Beautiful winter light.

leslie said...

wow, those cupcake soaps are FABULOUS! and the packaging! wow! very great find.

Anonymous said...

And what a lovely corner it is too...

Anonymous said...

hey you. thanks for showing the birdies...made me smile.

eireann said...

oh! i love those soaps. and those pyrex bowls! i keep them, too, when i can find them.

be well.


Beta said...

Maybe the blogger you're thinking of is my friend of the Cupcake Mafia:
She's in my sidebar. Those soaps are Great! (but not as great as that patio).

Beta said...

ooh, but maybe you were thinking of this local cupcake blogger! (cupcake queen)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of your house, it's beautiful! I love those cupcake soaps, such a fantastic find *swoon* Also check out Betz White's beautiful cupcake creations here:

Heidi said...

If no one else has claimed it, I would love that pink cup!

Anonymous said...

I guess finding the polaroid cameras is one of the most important things ;)

lovely thrifted things and corner of your home: gorgeous orange couch and lovely birds!!

Anonymous said...

Love your corner Gwen - a great start!!! Cant wait to see more! You have such a great way of putting things together!!!

hannah said...

ah gwen, hoping you can get more of your home settled to your liking soon. that corner is a lovely one. so excited about that sweet pink mug coming my way, off to send you an email!

Anonymous said...

I thought they were cupcake holders. That would be neat! My friend at seems to be all about cupcakes (at least for a few posts).

Anonymous said...

glad to see you are somewhat back to mormal:)
those cupcake soap are a-dorable-
and I can't remeber who is obsessed with cupcakes but it does sound familiar.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely corner you have going there! I even think a certain little orange doggie, would fit right in!! You think? Snuggling in the yarn? I can see that ;o)

shari said...

your corner is looking lovely. glad to see you are settling in. what cute cupcake soap! xo shari

Anonymous said...

Those ARE some seriously cute cupcakes soaps. Looks like your new apartment has some beautiful light. I hope you are getting settled in and more comfy.

lisa solomon said...

omg those cupcake soaps! wowie!!

your corner looks so comfy - love that bowl of yarn [and that i'm in such amazing company on that table]


Carson said...

Those cupcake talk about instant flashback!
I'm sure I either gave a box of those to a primary school teacher one year, or was given some for a b'day circa 1973...
Or maybe both.
Such a keen 'thrift' eye.

Anonymous said...

Cupcake soaps - I so want to go a hunting and gathering with you.
take care, g

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those are amazing soaps. I can't believe you found them. I know I have said it before, but your Value Village is like thrifters heaven!