Tuesday, December 19, 2006

tuesday musings

my new softie
from one
of my
most favorite
she is just amazing
and i can't
get enough of
her creations...
and look

her children
the box for me!
i have to save it...
i will frame
my favorite bits.

many thanks
lizette, enzo, and sophia!

custom made
a christmas
for a
special someone.
i will show you
post christmas.

in the past
2 weeks,
i have given away
tons of
vintage pottery,
pyrex, etc.
so i allowed
to purchase
this beautiful piece

karin eriksson.
it was so beautiful
i splurged.
i love the
inside detail

grub and i
off to seattle.
most of our family
doesn't have
power yet...
so it should
be an interesting
keep your
fingers crossed
that we have
by christmas!

more from seattle-
land of
a fast, free
internet cafe
to enjoy
with a great
cup of espresso.



Anonymous said...

hi bugheart,

i think the link to karin ericsson is not working right, it links to your give-away-how-to-page.

the vase looks fabulous, though. i have vase-envy...have good time in seattle (may be bring candle to light?) cheers, anne.

Anonymous said...

little splurges can cure whatever ails me... beautiful.

lisa solomon said...

such goodies!

and i forgot to put something in your package. i was so delerious w/ sickness... sigh... so another one will be headed your way!

have fun w/ the family!!

shari said...

hi gwen,
love your new softie and your new cup. both are beautiful. enjoy your time in seattle with your family. have the happiest of holidays. oh! and when will you return to dc? we are driving up on the 27th. xoxo shari

Anonymous said...

Oh bug! family with no power! I did hear yesterday that everyone should have there power back by midnight tonight so it should be back by the time you guys arrive :)
and I have power so never fear!

The cup is gorgeous!! but everything she makes is!

hugs and we will talk SO soon!

bugheart said...


the eriksson link
is fixed!
so sorry!

Anonymous said...

2-Grin Robot is in good hands. The kids drew pictures of bugs buildings and houses on your package. I stood at the post office tracing them with a black marker and almost missed getting inside it because I was having so much fun following the kids' drawings and how free and detailed they were :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece of pottery and plush! Have a wonderful Christmas in Seattle and hope power is back up by Christmas.

julie said...

Well we have the same taste...I love Lizette dolls!! And i keep checking out Karins beautiful work...wanting to buy something!!!
Enjoy your vase!!!

Have a great holiday time in Seattle - sending big hugs and xmas xxxxxxxxx's :)

f. pea said...

happy travels and merry merry to the whole bugheart clan!

Lisa said...

Safe travels to Seattle and a merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

hannah said...

oh i love that mug. mugs with out handles are so inviting, mostly because you feel the need to cup it with both hands, thus giving it a little hug. merry christmas you! and have a wonderful time with your family!!

Carson said...

I saw those on Karin's site...they're nice aren't they?
Looks like a vessel wednesday to me!!

Anonymous said...

Have safe travels, please- and a wonderful holiday with your family!

Anonymous said...

I love Karin's work - so beautiful!
Have a great trip to Seattle and a super Christmas ;o)

Anonymous said...

A new softie with super long orange arms... makes for a perfect companion in my books.
take care, grache

Anonymous said...

Hi Gwen,
Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that Santa delivers you some power in Seattle.
Cheers, lj

Anonymous said...

You lucky dog! Seattle, internet and coffee?? Man! Have a wonderful, fabulous, relaxing time - can't wait to here about your adventures!

Eero said...

I'm not really into dolls---but that softie ROCKS! Especially the wee crabby hands. Hi to the various Shlichti. Your first meeting with nephew, yes?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you'll be in Seattle and I won't! Have a wonderful trip and happy holidays to you! big hugs.