Saturday, October 14, 2006

collection collective: coats (part 2)

i headed home
to catch the
afternoon sun
in DC...
but after
photographing coats
i got a little
this bad boy:

i have been
i am not sure
maybe it's
the brandied cherries
that i discovered
are better
than your
maraschino cherries.

i owe you
part 2
of my collection...
inquired about
how many
i have
in addition
to all these coats...
i think 10...
i can't be certain
i have a HUGE
pile of clothes
on the floor
of my closet
that i am
isn't there.

so here is
the collection collective
part 2:
home stash

and i have to include
the buttons again:

the yellow coat
is my
all time favorite.
i purchased
at this great
vintage store
in chapel hill, NC.
it was $6 and
i debated buying it.
it's so wonderfully
jackie o.
and so butter yellow
i had to make
a pill box hat
to match
(i do this for all
my favorite coats):

i don't have
much of a hat head
but having
a matching hat
and mittens
for every coat
is a little
fantasy of mine.
don't tell anyone
they will
have me
for sure.

okay so here's
my little
coat swap plan...
not all coats
are up for grabs
but i will post
the ones
that i think
i can part with
on mondays this fall...
it won't be
my classic
monday giveaway
since i have trouble
parting with things
i really love
(coats, pyrex,
traincases, etc)
unless there is
an incentive...
so keep your
eyes peeled
on monday...
because although
i subscribe to
the motto,
you can't have
too many
{insert item
of clothing here},
in the
case of coats
i do have
too many.

here is
my corner

for this week
with the lovely

lisa c.
gave to me
when i visited

have a good


julie said...

Hey, i wasnt quick enough to comment on the first set of coats and heres another set already!!!! What a collection! wow...wonderful!!

lisa solomon said...

um.... just swoon - that yellow one is TO DIE for.... so is the detail on the red... those lines? and the brown blue tweed.... phew! i'll have to look at them again.....

i also love the pic of you... would like to drink a manhattan w/ a brandied cherry.... and think matching hats and gloves and shoes should come back.... xoxo

Austen said...

love the coats. i always think i'm a one-coat girl, then i actually look in the closet and start counting and...realise i'm lying to myself. maybe i wouldn't do that if my coats were half as nice as yours. what a great collection!
ps really enjoyed the photo diptychs from yesterday.
have a great weekend!

Kerstin Svendsen said...

what a perfect corner. wow, i don't think i'll ever feel guilty again for buying a coat. you and lisa s. and alicia are all WAY WAY WAY ahead of me. heck, i'm not even in the running. that's a lotta nice coats. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I guess maybe it is a good thing that I live in Texas cause I am not a coat girl. Sweaters, yeah. Fleece pullovers, yeah. Coats? Hmm. I don't have one. Last time I did was in highschool when I had a navy blue classic pea coat (preppy I was.) I never really realized that I didn't have a "coat" until ya'll started posting your massive stashes. Wow.

I do love the idea of a matching hat for each though.

Rebecca said...

Those are some lovely coats! I especially like the light brown one - the seaming is fabulous - and the red one with the 4 pockets. (Though if they're decoy pockets and not real pockets, I'll have to subtract a few points. Pockets should be decorative AND functional.)

Anonymous said...

How neat! I missed reading your blog. I'm glad you're back. I realized this winter (in South America) that I'm a cardigan sort of gal. I used to wear cashmere sweaters a lot and now I can't feel comfortable in them. And yes, not cold enough for a coat out here in California although I like them. Welcome back!

f. pea said...

that yellow coat brings back great memories. when you first mentioned showing off your coat collection that was the one i pictured you in. such great buttons!

Anonymous said...

You got nice buttons!
...brandied cherries? That sounds plush. I'm on the hunt. It'd make my evening Manhattan, even my mid-day Mahattan extra special! ...I'm having one right now!

sooz said...

Oh man. I have one coat and although it is very nice it is dead boring. Thankfully we're headed into summer or I might feel the need to start filling ht ecloset with coats!

Anonymous said...

I love! the yellow one!! & what a great pic of you! love that cardigan your wearing too. Your a little fashion bug ;)