Tuesday, October 17, 2006

coat swap

monday got away
with me...
so here i am
on tuesday.

this weekend
was amazing.
the sky was
a perfect blue
and the leaves
have just begun
to turn colors.

on saturday...
grub and i headed
down to the
national mall
to enjoy
the amazing day
the rousseau
exhibit at
the national gallery.
i think that
national gallery
the most beautiful
photogenic gallery.
it's by the
modern architect
i.m. pei
and it really is
in the sunlight!

i was all
orange and green
to match my amazing
new purse from

thank you
so so much
you are amazing!
look what she
also included in
the package:

a vintage apron,
she is a girl
after my
heart for sure!

grub and i
bought gelato
and sat outside
as the sun began
to slowly
slip away...

on sunday...

my dearest
school pal joan
and i
began on
our gocco-ing
we have been
the lovely
sent me
the gocco
when i was
wrapped up
in studying.
you will all
soon see
our first
batch of
TATAbox designs.
here's joan
on my old
field tees:

so this week
for the
monday give-away™...
i mentioned
that i am
putting up
some of
my coats
for swapping...
here are the first
batch of coats:

the tweed coat
is very heavy
and warm.

the middle coat
is hot pink
the short coat
with a matching
pencil skirt!

email me
if you
are interested
in the coat swap:
i am up for
swapping anything-
vintage/thrift items,
handmade items,
more coats tomorrow
will be back
to the classic
monday give-away™
next week.

happy tuesday!


shari said...

i LOVE seeing the world through your eyes gwen! your photos are so beautiful!! i'm so very excited to see your gocco project. hope you are having a great day! is it raining in dc? it's been raining all day here in nc. xox s

lisa solomon said...

those polaroids and the shot of the gallery w/ the blue sky and one cloud are just all breath-taking...

you guys should get the stamp kit for gocco - it's much easier to print on T's all over the place with it....

what you are doing looks fantastic though.... xo... i just emailed you about the other thing.... :)

julie said...

i love your photos Gwen!!!!!!!
didnt pei design the pyramid at the louvre? i think so...
Oh gocco...cant wait to see yours!!

Anonymous said...

For all of those curious about how to categorize buildings you have seen on this blog.

DeYoung Museum (SF) = Neo-Brutalist Architecture (aka "Super-Dutch" or "Global-Swiss") (a lesser sub-set of Modern Architecture)

East Gallery (DC) = Classic Modern Architecture

f. pea said...

big white buildings = buildings that grub likes

other buildings = too many colors

so as the coat-swapping/giving away goes, can i stake my claim on the tweed coat with matching pencil skirt??? will they fit me?

Austen said...

wow, lovely photographs! splashes of colour...great way to end my grey-ish day. looks like it was a fantastic weekend. can't wait to see the tshirts!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Jungles in Paris... wandering around the gallery, enjoying a gelato later on - love! And I haven't even reached Sunday...
take care, g

Anonymous said...

Your grocco-ing adventure sounds like barrels of fun. Believe it or not I've never seen one in action... I was totally unaware of there existence until I joined the blogging world.
cheers, lj

Anonymous said...

All those shots are gorgeous Bug!
& I seriously can't wait to see the results of the gocco project!
Glad you has such a great weekend ;)


Anonymous said...

what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Lovely weekend. How fun. And, I'm also jealous about the gocco machine. I heard you can't buy/find them anymore.