Wednesday, August 09, 2006

collection collective: ceramic art

i took ceramics
in high school
and college...
but due to
the complication
of needing
access to
a wheel or kiln
i never had a chance
to do it
as much as
i would have liked...
i do love ceramics.

i wanted
to show
you a snippet
of what i have
around my home
(click photo
to enlarge):

here is
some of
my collection
of ceramic art:

i discovered
jenny mendes
at penland.
her work is
so gorgeous
and detailed
(see hand above)...
cute and
at the same time.

also met anna stoysich
at penland
my first summer there.
she was only 19
when she made
these pieces-

my brother worked
for kri kri
for many years.
i designed
their website
(although they
have altered it
since then)
for a whole
dish set.
kristin, the designer,
is based out
of seattle.

my sister-in-law's
munemitsu taguchi,
did these.
he studied
in japan for
a few years.
i think that
his work
is so beautiful
and minimal.
i dream of having
a complete
dinner set by him.

ronan peterson
is obsessed
with bugs.
how could i not
love his work?!
also i lived
with his
my coop house
had him make
a caterpillar teapot
for me.

mark hewitt is
a well-known
mostly for
huge urns
i can only afford
his seconds.

more work
from penland artists
whose names
currently escape me

i was also
one of the few
very lucky ones
to get a
lisa solomon figurine.
i have to find
a place of honor
for them
in my

i love the heaviness
of a ceramic work...
the 3 dimensionality
and the thought
that the artist
put their
whole selves
into it
by physically shaping
the piece with
their hands
and body.
that is amazing to me.

hope you like
the little
ceramic art tour!

please put your
up on
the collection collective!


shari said...

hi gwen,
i love your ceramics collection. it's fun to see the teapot that ronan made for you. i will probably sign up for a handbuilding class this fall. i love working with clay even though it doesn't come naturally for me. looking forward to our ceramics excursion soon.

lisa solomon said...

wow gwen... i'm so honored to be the smallest part of your amazing collection!!!

thank you for sharing all of it w/ us!

f. pea said...

the kri-kri section is giving me a powerful hankering for a cup of p.g. tips and a cookie.

natasha said...

i have my degrees in scultpure and used clay a lot...and i love seeing the other things out there, although i haven't been working with clay due to my lack of a kiln, etc. anyway, i ran into your blog via bird in the hand and i will be forced to add you to my list of must reads!

Gillian Marsden said...

Wow, that collection was just what I needed to see after seeing a recent collection (public) that made me gnash my teeth. . .just a weird lucky link that made me go, yay. Cheers!

Funky Finds said...

all the pieces are fabulous! but i really love the kri kri dishes. i think they may have to be a funky find!

julie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your collection of ceramics - amazing. I love working in clay and would love to do more. Thanks for showing us!!

Natascha Rosenberg said...

Thanks for sharing your ceramics collection! You have beautiful pieces!

Kri Kri said...

Hi Gwen,
How much fun was that?! I had a great time looking at your collection and was pleasently surprised to see Kri Kri amongst some lovely pieces! I still think the work you did on my site is the best! I'm trying to learn things myself now, slow but fun!
Thanks for a fabulous foundation!