Monday, August 07, 2006

you cannot do these tricks

this weekend
i thought that
i could get
some crafting
done in between
writing and reading...

i did manage
to do
this little collage
and finish
a small purse
for a swap...

here's a close-up:

but i had
high hopes
mailing packages
multiple purses,
a softie for a swap,
a large collage...
studying and writing.
i always
my schedule!

this little
(the size of a postcard)
will be up in
my etsy shop
later today.
i am offering
it framed

in the october,
after my exam,
i plan
to start offering
a lot more
framed collages,
my original
felted softies
(i am slowly
perfecting them)...
but it just
has to wait
until after
my exam
for now...
i will sporadically
put some items
up in my shop
let you know
right here on
bugheart central.

i did find
some items
today's give-away™...

please check
the great monday
give-away™ guidelines

before you claim
an item!

is my middle name
so until
further notice.
email me
for details.

today's give-away™:

1. vintage carry case taken by yahaira!

cute 50s
carry case
i bought full
of vintage sewing items
in a thrift store in NC.
it's approx.
9" wide
12" wide
4" deep.

2. sleeveless top

linen top.
bust ~34"

3. vintage jantzen gingham top with hair cloth taken by amy!

adorable gingham
jantzen top
with a flattering shape
and pockets.
comes with a
triangle piece
of cloth on strings
to put your
hair back
all neat like
you do
sorts of things.
bust ~32-34"

are being mailed
out for those of you
who have already
claimed items...
please send me
an email
if you have
not heard
from me
about your item.
i am mailing
a lot of items
and can be

i look forward
to your
great monday give-away™.

i forgot to show you
this great
bible book
i found
at the village...
check out
this great picture:

nothing like
for screwing things up,
the pictures
are all
strangely sexual
with shirtless
bronzed men
scantily dressed
(hence their wrong deed).
very strange.

a wonderful


Anonymous said...

Oh god, that bible book illustration looks so familiar. I am sure I've seen it before in books I had as a kid. Memories, filtering up....

Congrats on finishing a little fun work in the midst of all your serious stuff.

shari said...

hi gwen!

i really love your little collage and am so excited about more on the way. i love all things felted! felted softies...can't wait. oh and i think that bunny pillbox has my name on it. if only i knew if it would fit. xo, s

cathy said...
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cathy said...

...had to delete my earlier post because of horrible misspellings!
I love the felted bag - very adorable! Also, is the background of the collage made up of paper with braille dots on it?

bugheart said...

amy: i don't remember
the copyright year
but it sure is familiar

shari: thanks!
i'll email you the size

cathy: yep, it's braille
from a book i found.

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love your collages so. But today - I am really in love with your little felted bag. Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love that collage!I wish I could put things together so well, but I always freeze like a deer.

is the carry case spoken for?

lisa solomon said...

oh oh such goodness.... i love the little felted bag - super cute - i've always wanted to try and felt [on the long list of things to try]

that book illustration is pretty darn unintentionally funny....

GamecockDoc said...

The purse is adorable!

Wanted to let you know that I got the traincase and I love it. Thanks! I'll send you postage.

Anonymous said...

"You cannot do these tricks" - wonderful words... looking forward to seeing more.
take care, gracia

Anonymous said...

those books are super strange. i love your collage and the purse is beautiful! I'm loving mine.

Anonymous said...

Hi, this is Mia (I claimed the green skirt from the last giveaway).

I have that same book, also from a thrift store! Mine is in Spanish and it's quite beaten up but I love the colors and illustrations. I cut parts out for collages which I regret a bit.

julie said...

Your collage is wonderful and I LOVE the purse - so soft and pretty!!! Look forward to seeing those softies!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sexy bible. Once a young mormon woman approached me to to try and convert me, she kept flipping through The Book of Mormon commenting on all the pictures of hunky bible guys saying, "don't you wish men looked like that today!" & "ooh look at him!". Needless to say, the hunky bible guys didn't win me over to mormonism.

Love the collage!