Saturday, July 22, 2006


my apartment
has been
water and power
for the past
few days...

photo from the washington post

the water main
in front of
my building broke
and the rushing water
swept away
the foundation
below the
a big hole
in front
of the building.
those of us
living in the
historic wing
of the building
water and power.
you can read about it
in the post.
i had to laugh
when i read
that i live in
"one of Washington's
apartment buildings!"
the fact
that the building
is a historical
made it
even more surreal
i stood in the lobby
and watched
a waterfall of water
come out
of the ceiling
for 15 minutes!
what happens
when your love
of vintage
your apartment!

last night
we finally
got water
and full power.
to celebrate
grub and i
the last 4
episodes of
top chef
(my friend finally
gave me a dvd
of the last few
it was late
when we got
to the final episode
so we didn't start
the first two
of the new season
of project runway

(which my
lovely friend
also got
off the interhole
for me)...
grub left for
NYC this morning
so now i have
to wait for grub
to get back
to watch them-
the suspense
is killing me!

i did get to
the village
on friday.
i can't tell you
how much
i love going there,
since i have
been so busy
with school...
i find it
to thrift shop.

here are my finds for friday:

1. vintage flower mugs

more vintage mugs.
same style as
the ones
that i found
last week

these are
stamped JAPAN
on the bottom
and are for
a birthday present
for a friend.

2. Vera scarf

i swear,
i must have
a vera eye.
maybe it is
due to
the training
of my
older sister
i can skim a rack
and pick out
a Vera
lickity split.
i can't do statistics
but boy
can i spot
a vera pattern.
makes me think
i am in
the wrong career.
or maybe
spotting vera patterns
is kin to
my ability
to spot
the tiniest
on the leaf
of a tree.

3. pillowcase

nothing exciting-
i just liked
the pattern.

4. fancy clock

this clock
weighs a ton!
i don't like cords
on nightstands
so i have
the battery
or wind-up types.
i just thought
grub would
of this clock
because it's
so minimal.

5. old art class book

class binder for
a 1959
art class
washington school of art!
how cool is that!?

6. old box

i collect old
wooden boxes
for my collages.
i am doing
a series
with old
you will see
them after
i finish
my exams
in september
and have time
for art again.

7. housewarming cards

found these
still in a package
59 cents.
from the package
i gather
they are from
the 50s or 60s?
i love
the graphic.
since we will
have to move soon
they will come
in handy.

8. old flash cards

cards from 1961...
for collaging.

9. shot glasses

grub and i
like to make cocktails.
so it's always nice
to have the proper

10. vintage dress

very bright!
but it fits
and i love it.
they also had
a brown malia dress
(great hawaiian
60s patterns)
that was so cute
but too
big in the bust
i can't wear brown.
i almost bought it
but wasn't sure
for whom.
now that
i think
of it-
i should have
bought it
for my friend

11. vintage apron

i suffered
what i call
the village snake.
i was looking
at the aprons
had just realized
there were a batch
of great vintage aprons
this woman
swooped in
and literally
all of them
with a swipe
of her hand.
this was
the one
that i was holding
when i watched
in horror!
the village snake!

quite a lot
of finds!
most of them
are small
they all fit
into my
canvas bag
so i don't feel
too bad about
buying so much!
it was a fun

hope you all have
a lovely weekend.
since grub
is off in NYC
i was going to
go see
word play
to keep me
from watching
project runway
until grub returns
i may stay home
watch tuvalu
on dvd
and finish
some knitting.

have a lovely



Nice coool clock!


shari said...

glad to hear you have proper power and water again. love all of your finds. such great things you come home with!! hope you are having a fun weekend. xo shari

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
Great finds this week!

Also, Wordplay is AMAZING.


f. pea said...

Great finds - I especially love the mugs. My grandmother had a set like that in lovely olive green. I like the clock, too. I'm not much of a clock person - especially the digital kind - but when they are easier to take when minimal and artistic.

Anonymous said...

Very cool finds! Glad you got power and water back on. What a nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Love the apron! Glad to hear you have water and power again.

Anonymous said...

wow, that must have been totally like in THE SHINING, with the water all gushing out of the ceiling. awesome. its hot here too. not as hot as there. i had to go buy an air conditioner for my pregnant wife and install it in our bedroom. such is oncoming fatherhood. glad you have power back.

julie said...

What an experience - happy things are back working.
Love your finds this week - especially the mugs and the wooden box - i also collect them for my work!!! Cant wait to see what you do with it!!

cathy said...

our area was hit hard (east coast) last week with t-storms. no power for us either
glad yours is back on...

seal said...

oh well. someday the right malia garment will fall in my lap. or yours since you're infinitely better at spotting great finds!

Tracykins said...

I was at the village Friday morning, and looked right at all the aprons....and I didn't see that one, or any other vintage ones. Guess they must have put them out after I left. That's the joy of the village - never know what you're gonna get!

Eero said...

Nifty apron---good on ya. Why do you have to move soon?
How the heck did you deal with no lights/water in the city for that long?? Yikes!

lisa solomon said...

i am reeling from your finds... oh golly! i would love to go thrifting with you....

glad to hear the power is back... wow. that is quite a story!