Tuesday, July 18, 2006

tuesday give-away™

just a quick post
for the

please check
the great monday
give-away™ guidelines

before you claim
an item!

due to
my financial
as of late,
i am asking
that you
shipping is
under $3
the usa.

check here
for other
monday give-aways!

today's give-away™:

1. vintage sleeveless top

cute sleeveless top
with brown
floral design.
perfect for
size small=
~34 bust.

2. vintage pyrex butter dish taken!

pyrex butter dish
with lovely
blue floral
pattern on top.
perfect for
fridge storage.

3. african fabric taken!

a friend of mine
brought me
these from africa
but no matter
how long
i hold on to it
i just can't
get past the colors.
as a fair-skinned
sort-of gal
i just can't wear
earth tones.
they just make me
look like death
warmed over.
they are lovely,
authentic fabric.
i particularly
love the one
with the teapots.
i can't help it-
i am
a blues and greens
kind of gal.
i am hoping
one of you
can make
something lovely
with these fabrics.
easily 2 yards
of each.

hope there's
you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
i look forward to
your postcards.

until tomorrow...


gray la gran said...

oooh! pyrex butter dish!!!! this i can use, and it's pretty :)

Eero said...
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Eero said...

OOps. What I meant to say was: AFRICAN FABRIC!!! I would LOVE to have that! I will send you shipping $$ tomorrow with a box I've been meaning to send you. Thanks BugH!

Amanda said...

Hi, I've got the ribbon yarn. I love it! I'll send a postcard soon. Thanks again.

f. pea said...

dang! GLG beat me to the butter dish! i'll have to sneak up on her at the LYS and snatch it while she's doing her summer of stash yarn violation penance.

String said...

i love the top

sooz said...

That fabric is divine - doesn't it just kill you when you have soemthing beautiful you just can't use? Good on you for getting it to a loving home!

julie said...

Thats so nice of you to give things away. Have a good weekend!

bikeandbeer said...

ok, so it's a late claim, but i have it! the sleeveless shirt. it will be in a postcard....