Wednesday, July 26, 2006

collection collective: radios

video killed
the radio star?

Grundig Majestic
circa 1955

highwave 14
(made in japan)
circa 1974

circa 1951

General Electric
circa 1972

i think so.
but still,
i am
a radio addict.
i don't have a tv,
i supplement it
with watching
dvds of tv
on my laptop.

i have
addictive personality...
so i have to keep
tv out of my house.
grub agrees
and says
i am completely
when a tv is on.
at bars,
i have trouble
talking to people
when a tv is on
behind them.
maybe because
i grew up
without tv
and never got
to them...

but radio,
is a
a healthy addiction-
you know,
like eating
too many
brown rice chips
(you have to try them!)...
also i am
a super multi-tasker
i must always
be doing at least
2 things at once.
i mostly listen
to npr.
it's the first thing i do
in the morning...
love to start my day
with the
writer's almanac
if i am up at
that ungodly hour...
and i end my day
the bbc.

so recently
due to some
value village
have started
vintage radios
to grub's horror...
i love
the hum
of the old
tube radios...
reminds me
of when
i was little
and listening
the radio mystery theatre
on my grandparent's
[really] old
[and huge]

i only
have 4 radios
(one soon
to be
in the give-away™)
and they are all
in the last year
the village.

is my favorite.
i turn it on
first thing
in the morning.
it takes a minute
to warm up.
it was made
in west germany.

so what makes
a collection?
i think three
or more of anything.
what about you?

what do you collect?
check out
collection collective
your collections.



kylie said...

I love them all but there is something about the General Electric one that screams communism, big brother and industrialisation....don't ask me why but in a scary way, that does it for me. Is bleak simplicity sexy or is it just me??

lisa solomon said...

ok... i have to take some photos of the radios i have... there's one really good one....

on the list.... :D


Love the Grundig. I too am an avid radio listener, mostly NPR and shortwave. Still searching for that Regency TR1.
Thank you very much for your wonderful collage. The bug stamped Philip Johnson stamp is way cool. He is my favorite.

Thanks again,


Funky Finds said...

I can't seem to find your address on here (am I blind? perhaps) Can you email it to me, please? Thanks!

shari said...

hi! i love your radio collection. we don't have cable and only use our tv to watch dvds. we seem to always have our stereo turned to tuner so we can listen to npr but i have been wanting a radio lately. you've inspired me to look for one at the thrift store! xo shari

Jenna said...

I also hate when TVs are on in bars and resturants, unless it's for a special event like the world cup or something. I find that even if something's on that's of less interest to me than dirt, my eyes still automatically go to it, so I position myself away.
Those vintage radios have such cool styling.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your comment! i love vintage radios too. my grandparents had a pretty cool collection of broken vintage radios. they had a great collection of all sorts of broken old cool stuff...wish i was better with technology.

. said...

There's nothing quite like the hum of the valve, huh? And I love how they take a minute or so to warm up! Nice collection :)