Saturday, June 10, 2006

village friday ... gift tags

i participated in
gift tag swap.
we had to make 10 gift tags.
these are
what i came up with:

this is what
the back of the tags
look like:

i finished the tags
behind schedule,
as all
my art projects
are nowadays
because i am
doing field research
in the forest
all day.
field work
really takes
all the energy
out of you...
but then
you have
those little
of pure joy
(at least for
a bug girl).
like today
when i found
a beautiful
giant silkworm moth
mulling around
a hickory tree.

this caterpillar
is as big
as my finger-
if you look closely
you can see that
the poor guy
has little white
on the hard brown
part of his head.
those are
and will eventually
kill this poor little
i can't help
being sad
even though
i also find it
(it's what i study)...
but on
a happier note
there was another one
on the tree
that didn't have
parasitoid pupae.
so he/she
will survive.

i rushed back
from the field
to try
to catch
the world cup
game at noon
(i just missed it).
so i headed off
to value village
to try to get some
thrift shopping in
the next game
(grad school
is tough work).
i was bad and
didn't wait for astrid
(who was at the
bar still bathing
in the afterglow
of germany's win
and drinking).
i headed
to the village
with 2 village newbies,
my friends
joan and julie.

don't fret astrid
it was only
a so-so
village day.

here are my finds for friday:

1. vintage bingo game

i am on the hunt
for cool vintage papers
so i decided to look
in the games section.
the bingo cards
are dated 1941!!!
it's a shame
to cut them up
so i may just
gocco them.
it even comes
with a cool metal cage
and wooden balls
with the numbers.
so cool!

2. vintage 60s board game

dated 1969.
this has neat
with arrows
on them.
i may try
to play it
before i use
the squares
in collages.
who knows,
it may be to fun!

3. vintage kid's book

old library book.
falling apart.
plan to use in
a collage.

4. wooden giraffe

not sure what
to do with this
but it would be
great for
an older child...
it had numbers
on one side
and letters
on another.
i love wooden toys
but do kids love them?
they just like things
that make noise-
or so i have heard.

5. french cards

i use to have
a set of these.
they will also
end up in collages
and paper swaps.
i vow not
to give away
or use a card
unless i memorize
the vocabulary word.
my french vocabulary
is so out of practice!

6. vanity fair slip

i already tried this on.
it doesn't fit-
too big.
it's a silky nightie
from the 60s.
any takers?

sorry astrid
for abandoning you.
but you needed
to rest up
for your big
bike race saturday.

this weekend...
more collages
and maybe
a finished softie?!
i am searching
for a pal
a washing machine
so i can felt
all my purses.
you can't use the ones
in the laundry room
because you
have to keep
setting back
the wash dial
until it is felted
(it's preferable
not to have it
spin or go through
the rinse cycle).
i don't have
my own
good thing
the world cup
that i get
a lot
of knitting done.
i am
not capable
of watching
without doing
something else.
all those years of
i feel like
just sitting and
watching tv
is such a waste of
valuable craft time.

have a
good weekend!



Wonderful collage tags!!


Anonymous said...

Your tags are beautiful, totally worth the wait! :)

f. pea said...

wow! i wonder if your rotten friend in NC will ever send you that gocco printer.

Anonymous said...

beautiful tags! What a great idea to look for old board games to use in collages.
BTW-did you see my top i made from the fabric you sent me?

Anonymous said...

How sad for the caterpillar. A friend told me she and her kids "wrestled" a bee from a spider web trying to save it. And you have a gocco machine! I've heard of them and when I thought I wanted one, they said don't make them any more : ( Ah! those tags are amazing. I really like that kind of collage, not the pre-fab people buy from the craft store. And I agree with you, can't watch tv anymore without something else to do during commercials at least.

Eero said...

Great tags---inspiring! I love collage.

Anonymous said...

ohhh those tags are just beautiful...and the vintage bingo, what a score!

Anonymous said...

ohhh those tags are just beautiful...and the vintage bingo, what a score!

Jenna said...

I love the color of that caterpiller - I love seeing vibrant shades like that in nature. Poor little guy, I hope his death isn't too painful.
We have a washing machine in our place that I've wanted to assess its felting capability - maybe we could do an exchange of that nightie for some quality time with the ole washer...

Anonymous said...

your gift tags look great!!

Tracykins said...

My washer is your washer. Come on by and look at my new paint, and my new kitty. :)
Encourage Steve-o to organize his stuff!

Tracykins said...

Oh, and your hift tags are fabulous. I am feeling some pent-up crafty energy trying to find its way out!

Casey said...

What a pretty caterpillar! I would be so excited to see one too! I miss my field research days in the forest. I studied furry critters, though I love bugs too. It was really hard work and I wanted to quit at times but now I wish I could be in that place in my life again. Enjoy it!