Sunday, June 04, 2006

weekend in photos

breakfast a la grub.

knitting up a storm.

never ending

pieces of a collage.

dinner party

more of my weekend here.

hope you had a great weekend!
the great monday give-away™!


Funky Finds said...

Love the collage pic & that breakfast shot is make me SO hungry! I haven't had a waffle in ages. Yum

Anonymous said...

Loved this post. It looked like just about a perfect weekend - so full of wonderful things. (And a 35 mile bike ride too!) Impressive girl. You should open up a branch post office in your living room too by the way. Good grief!

shari said...

love the breakfast photo. looks like you had a fun, busy weekend. what did you have at your dinner party? :)

bugheart said...
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bugheart said...

thanks for the comments!
grub made homemade ravioli
with corn, basil and risotto
orange, red onion and olive salad
(sounds weird but it's tasty!)
chocolate-almond cake
with homemade vanilla ice cream
for the birthday boy.

Tracykins said...

Is that Fake-on, instead of bacon?

And 35 miles! Honey - I get tired even driving that far! :)