Monday, June 05, 2006

give-away™ a-go-go

thanks for
your feedback
on my vintage radio.
i do agree that
it is a bit
drab in color.
it has been banished
to my nightstand

but i can set
the alarm
to wake me up
to npr
and that
is lovely.
i know clock radios
have been around
for a long time
but i have always
thought that
they were far
too ugly to have
on my nightstand.
i can finally enjoy
the wonders
of waking up
to the radio.

i have been assembling
paper packages
a vintage paper swap.

please email me if
you'd like to swap.
i can mail you
newer/fancy papers
or vintage papers.
i am interested
in receiving
old papers or ephemera...
like old lists,
maps, etc.
each paper pack
that i mail
will come
in a vintage or thrifted box
handmade pouch
filled with
a couple dozen
recycled/vintage papers
of various sizes.
there are no rules
just mail
vintage or recycled papers
to me.
contact me
if you want to swap

slowly but surely
i am emptying
out my coffer
for the
monday give-away™.
i am doing
a lot of packaging
and mailing
so if you
feel like donating
to the
give-away™ mailing fund
please email me
i would greatly appreciate it.

don't forget
to check here
for guidelines
and other monday give-aways!

so let's
get a go-go
today's give-away™...

the great monday give-away™:

1. vintage cordomatic clothesline taken!

remarkably great
it is a brand new
vintage 50s clothesline.
you can attach it
to a shed, wall, etc.
and then pull the cord out
to hook into another
very cool.

2. green ribbon yarn taken!

ribbon yarn...
nice for a light
summer wrap
or scarf...

3. orange yarn taken!

great for embellishment
or for a little
summer scarf.
with lovely
flecks of color.

4. vintage green white stag wrap skirt taken!

great vintage
wrap skirt
with pockets.
green cotton
would fit
a 28-36 waist.

5. vintage Miss K sleeveless, collared top taken!

Miss K makes
my favorite
collared shirts.
black and white
design on this
50s/60s cotton
sleeveless top.
with capris.

hope you find
something you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
i look forward to
your postcards.

is my 100th post.
stay tuned
for a handmade

i will leave you
with a photo
i attempted
to take
of spot.
she was poised
until i snapped
the shot.
typical cat.


Anonymous said...

Ooooh oooh!!! The "Cordomatic" clothesline pleeeeeeease! I've been searching for one for months and cannot find one for love or money or whining about it. My large collection of beautiful, if impractical, "Handwash ONLY - don't even think about bringing this near a machine" clothing will thank you. As will I :)


p.s. Will email details and take photos of me loving my new laundry solution.

Sarah said...

I woud love the green wrap skirt!!

Sarah said...

(I really can spell, I promise, my keyboard is being wonky!)

bugheart said...

so far...
clothesline: renata
green skirt: sarah

Amanda said...

I'm not sure how this works, but can I have the ribbon yarn? Thanks

Anonymous said...

I'll be there first thing in the morning to check out your 100th post. How exciting!

Lisa said...

One of my favorite things about a digital camera is the ability to erase the uncountable blurry shots of my cats' butts. They are such perverse little creatures.

Anonymous said...

I would so love the Miss K sleeveless top! Too cute!!

bugheart said...

miss k top: rete
green ribbon yarn: amanda

Shanna said...

it's here! it's here! i was so excited to see the postman walk up i pratically pounced on him! i ripped the box open and tried it on! perfect fit! thank you so much! i'll be sending you the $$ for the fund! thanks again SO much!

radmama said...

Ooo.. the orange yarn is cute. If you haven't sent the needle case, I will take the yarn. If not, don't bother, it will cost you too much postage to be worth it. :-)