Monday, June 19, 2006

village...the weekend

the weekend
has sped by
i am sitting here
sunday night
a lovely dinner
with my
dear friends
mel & brian
feeling like
i still need
to have
2 days
actually off!

i didn't
get around
to posting
my village finds,
so here they are...

here are my finds for friday:

1. strange misc items

2 unusual items
that i bought
because they
fascinated me.
appears to be
from the 50s or 60s
for brush snow/
scraping ice
off your car...
also includes a
meter feeder

can opener!
the other item
is for
purse construction.
a closing
for clutch-type

2. things for hanging

i have been looking
for something
to hang
long pieces
of fancy paper.
i thought that
the painted white
metal hanger thing
would work
for necklaces
(in an industrial
sort of way).
the vintage
towel rack
can be hung
on the inside
of a door
and long paper
rolls can be
put on them.
i think that
i saw it in
martha stewart
or something.

3. tops

silk coral vest/top
from asia
very soft
white cotton
sleeveless top.

4. pyrex container

another pyrex
storage dish
for the kitchen.

5. items for eero

my friend eero
collects shenango
and likes
to wear vests.

6. baby clothes

baby clothes
for my
on the way.
grub and i
plan to
freezer stencil
the little
white tees
baby x.
i had to get
the blue onesie
this design

was so
darned cute!

was it
village friday.

i leave you all
happy father's day
to all dads
a collage
i made
my own father...


Anonymous said...

The "strange misc item" you found is so cool! I am intrigued. I bet you will do something fabulous with the closing mechanism!

Anonymous said...

I think they didn't add the "K" to Whisk cause it was already there in the "Kit" so -- like a whisk broom, just whis - Right? My parents always kept a whisk broom in our car ? Must have been the thing to do.

Really nice collage for your father - love the background.

lisa solomon said...

i know exactly what you mean about wanting 2 more days....

great collage...

Tracykins said...

If you do the "paint" version and not the inkjet version, I have some teal blue and regular green I used to make stenciled onesies for Jenny's baby. it's fun and homemade - a really super gift I'm sure your brother will be happy to have. :)
I haven't tried the injet method.

firstborn said...

hi there,
i got your link on greenbean baby's site...& like your monday give-away idea!
you have a nice blog here...& i especially liked your friday's finds...i actually started a group called, just that, friday's finds...would you consider joining it? you can check it out on a basic flickr account is free...think about's totally okay if you are not interested...

anyway, i think i will be visiting your blog next monday & see what you'll be giving away then...

have a nice rest of the week!

:) mary ann

KatDee said...

The collage for your father is so cool. "Crystals you can make." Perfect. :)