Monday, June 19, 2006

give-away™ ... more collages

we all
could have
a few
extra minutes of sleep

it's monday and
time again for
the great monday give-away™!
check here
give-away™ guidelines.
other monday give-aways...

the theme is small.
i am broke this week
so i ask that if you
would like something,
please pay shipping.
it should be ~$3 USD.
wish i was rich
but i am still
a grad student.

1. silver earrings with pinkish stone taken!

these were
for me,
by my mom
i think,
at least
10 years ago
at a schmancy place
that sells
french & austrian
all i know
is that these
are silver
a pearly looking
pinking stone.
i don't wear
(i have
non-existent lobes)
so i am hoping
one of you
like these.

2. purple earrings taken!

these are
from mexico
(also from
my mom?).
they are silver
a purplish

3. vintage? plastic necklace taken - debbie, i need your address!

at a vintage shop
with the intention
of making a shorter
(it's very long,
~2 feet).
one of you
jewelry people
could do wonders
with these beads
or they'd be great
for a little girl
or boy
who likes
to wear jewelry

hope you find
something you like!
i am looking
your postcards.

are the last of
collages that
i did for
a postcard swap
a while back.

these are actually
the remakes
my original cards
tattered and torn
in the mail
from australia
(insert tears).
2 are still MOA.
this has happened
with my PO here.
so these were
mailed off in
(i hope)
insured and
keep your

until tomorrow.


Tracykins said...

Sorry to hear your collages had some mishaps along their way.
I think people will beperfectly happy to donate to your shipping costs. Hey - when you're rich and famous, you can offer free shipping - til then - look out for yourself a little!


I enjoy the two collage on the bottom most. They are wonderful and quirky.What paper are you using for the background.


Anonymous said...

I love that brail paper, if that what it is? Your collages are great.

bikeandbeer said...

can i have the silver and pink earrings? can i? can i? and, do i detect a chamber temp and rh graph paper on your collage?? ;-) they look great. i think by now we all recognize your unique style. xoxo

bugheart said...

the paper
in the background
is used graph paper
for taking read-outs
of growth chambers
in our lab.
there is also
braille paper
used in the background.

tigerlilith said...

hi bugheart... if the purple earrings aren't taken i'd love them - purple is one of my favourite colours! plus i still owe you shipping from the last giveaway... please let me know how to send it to you! xo

Lisa said...

How sad that your lovely postcards were munched up by the postal machines. The remakes are fantastic! I love your use of braille in your collages, great texture.

Anonymous said...

I love your work (speaking of, just watched that movie with Giovanni Ribisi and Christina Ricci - avoid it, if u can)! Your postcards are too cute. I put your package of fun in the mail today. I can't wait for you to get it!!

f. pea said...

oh! i love your collages. after hearing about the "greetings from new orleans" project on the radio, i am intrigued by the possibilities your lost collages may hold...

Anonymous said...

I love the vintage necklace! It looks like it was handknotted in between beads! How summery luvvly-jubbly to wear it long or short and wrapped twice/thrice! If it's not taken, let me know how to send you postage/postcards/other fun stuff? And thanks so much for your blog everyday, Debbie

majamom said...

Love your collage work. I will e-mail my address but come by my new blog and pick somthing out soon so i can return the giving.

KatDee said...

The static balloon images in your collages are so great.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more... "we all could have used a few extra minutes sleep"...
How was it remaking something you had already created earlier?
take care, grache

molly | said...

just found your blog through dacia's tag swap. i love the tag of yours that i received. glad i found your blog. i'll be back for sure!

SusannahJ said...

Oh no!!! I am guessing mine was either destroyed or is MIA. You poor thing! That's one of my fears that the postal system will eat my art!
Your work looks lovely. The papers look stunning!

Anonymous said...

Your collages are just fantastic!

bugheart said...

i need
your address
to mail you
the necklace!