Friday, June 09, 2006

collection collective: moomins!

i grew up
without television.
my dad read
the plug-in drug
and this book's
warning about television
coupled with his distain
for consumerism
meant (to me)
we didn't get
to watch scooby -doo
and the smurfs.
my dad read to us.
the jungle book
wizard of earthsea,
and many others...
my mother would
sit with us
and listen
to my dad read.
he was an excellent
he has
a real gift for voices
and a slow
deep voice-
for reading.

my mother
rarely read to us
(at least that
i can remember).
the moomin series.
i remember
curling up by her
and listening
to her soft,
gentle voice,
with that lovely
of a foreigner
reading us
moominland midwinter.

she lived in sweden
in her early 20s
where she
was introduced
to the moomin books
by Tove Jansson,
a Finnish novelist,
painter, illustrator
comic strip author.

moomins are not
very familar
to most americans
but you can find them
all over western europe
of course,
in japan.
the japanese
(who seem
to have
a fondness
for all things
are crazy about

collection collective
for wednesday
(a day late again)
is my moomin

the little my
yellow mug
i bought
in luebeck, germany
when i was there
for a foreign exchange
i freaked out
when i saw them
because i never
saw the characters
outside of books.
i bought a mug
for each
of my siblings
and carted them
around europe
for months
i knew
my siblings
would love them
as much as i did.
that was over
10 years ago!
little my
was my favorite character.

little my (left)
with her mom

little my is
described as
a small, determined
fiercely independent.
she is
very aggressive
totally disrespectful,
but can be a good friend.

you can see why
i loved her, no?

i was also
very fond of
the hemulen
(see purple mug).
are a species
that are described
avid collectors.
sound appropriate?!

my sister found
the purple
and gray mug
for me
at the marimekko store
in seattle.

the small
plastic characters
are from my brother
and my friend,
west coast pony.
they are a japanese
collector series.

they bought them
for me
a store called okay-okay
(i think)
in seattle.
my brother
is so sweet...
he kept going
back to schmancy
to get me all
the characters.
i have most of
but sadly
no moominmama!

it's not much
of a collection
but i thought
it would be fun
to share.

i'll leave you
with a crazy little
picture i took
while collecting in the forest.
here is a caterpillar
being predated upon
by an immature bug.
it's literally
got its mouthparts
(which are straw like)
in the caterpillar
and it's sucking it
like a milkshake.
they fell on my shirt
from a tree.
i interrupted his lunch.

my gift tags
for the
gift tag swap.


shari said...

i always enjoy your writing. i have heard of moomins but have never read the books. you have me intrigued. love your little collection. take care, shari
ps: my mom read tom sawyer and huck finn to me along with the little house books. :)


Never heard of the Moonins but they sound really cool. I grew up watching The Electric Company and Mister Rogers, but Walt Disney was my hero as a child. Then came Robert Crumb and my world was completely turned around... Wow!!


Anonymous said...

oh yes, moomins are completely wonderful :)

A few years back we went to Tampere in Finland, Tove Jansson's hometown (actually it was sadly just a few weeks before she died). They have a small but wonderful Moomin museum which, along with their love of cakes, made it a great trip.

I'm definitely a mama moomin fan myself, I use my mama moomin mug every day...

Michal Wright-Ward said...

hooray to literary parents!
i grew up on the moomins myself and have been getting back to them these past few years. snif , the clumzy naiive one, was my favorite (and the kitten i just got was meant to be a male and called snufkin. we just happend to fall in love with a girl-kitten..). i wish i could just pick up a copy at borders, but i have to order them on amazon all the time. on the other hand, they are only $6.95 each on amazon...
oh, and i have all of series 1 of the kubriks, with a couple of extras (not moominmama, though...)

f. pea said...

we never read moomins, sadly, but Kim is one of my favorite books ever! i read it again recently and loved it so much.

Anonymous said...

We learned about them on the internet. My husband's grandma came from Sweden and we always try to keep things around the house (wooden horses) that remind us of that heritage. You have a great collection and wonderful memories of story times with your folks. How lucky!

sooz said...

So excellent Gwen. I have never heard of or seen Moomins and I now have a name for the existential yearning I have always had...there is a hole in my life and clearly its all about the absence of Moomins...