Friday, June 02, 2006

late :: collection collective: lustroware

here is my
collection collective
for wednesday
but late
in a typical
bugheart way.

featured collection
is of my
plastic canisters

all i know
about these
is that they
were produced
by a plastics company
in the
1940s and 1950s.
i believe the ones
that i have are
late 40s
because of
the art deco
but i am not sure.
this style
only seems to come
in red, yellow and pink.
they first ones i found
were at a vintage store
in north carolina.
they are the beat-up
pink ones
and i have yet to find
another canister
in pink.
the red is expensive
and the yellow
is plentiful
and cheaper.
they made similar shaped
after these ones
but they are
much more 50s
in color and style
(e.g. pink and aqua, etc).

i like them
i buy most things
in bulk
(i hate excess packaging)
and i can label all
the canisters
(as seen above)
and put
away neatly.
they are far
too colorful
for poor grub
so when they are
in the open
i must consolidate
them by color
(see yellow
and red groupings

but in the cupboard
i consolidate
by sugar, flour, etc.
this i find
is much more practical
(see mixed color groupings).

note: canisters
with front clear window
are nu-dell canisters,
not lustro ware.
they are from
a later era

what do you collect?
post your collections
on the
collection collective!

i have been
so busy
i haven't
had time
to do
much of anything
non-bug related
except maybe
knit on the metro:

maybe this weekend.

i am going to end
a corner of my home:

here's my little
side table
where i often
sit and knit.


Anonymous said...

I love your canister collection. I have a thing for melmac tea cups and tea sets. I've gotten a few of different colors but not a whole set yet. I thought the kids could play tea party with them but I love to see them around my kitchen as well. Perhaps I'll look for them this summer up in WA state where I found them first.

KatDee said...

Mmm. Metro knitting. Great for those lone suburban stops.

Shanna said...

love your collection! once i get my house put back together i'll have to join your collections groups...i have many!

i have the same recipe cocktail shaker!

. said...

Ooooeee! Those cannisters rawk!

Anonymous said...

oh my what a collection!!!!! how neat!

elizabeth said...

i am in awe over your collection (and blog..which is great by the way).