Wednesday, May 31, 2006

sometimes tuesdays are mondays

why am i so tired?
i am not sure if
it is the heat
all the things
that i feel like
i need to get done.

i spent
a great deal of time
this weekend
and this evening
and packaging things for
the great monday give-away™
and other random things
that needed to be mailed out.
packages litter
the apartment.

i also fed
a lot of caterpillars
i have some
that are very
and furry:

and some that look
just like a stick:

no matter how
they look
they eat A LOT.
about 300 times
their weight
while they are
so that's a lot
of feeding.

but i left school
while it was
still light outside
with the hope of
working on my collages
finishing my knitting...
but i fell
asleep on the couch
until grub came home.
the couch is all covered up

our naughty cat
has decided
that the couch is better
than her scratching post.
bad spot.
and she looks so innocent

but she is not.

i did get some yarn
rolled to be knitted

and some more
packages packed.

but no collages.
is another day.
sometimes tuesdays
feel like mondays.


Tracykins said...

And sometimes, Wednesdays feel like Mondays! I feel your pain - so much to little time to do it.
As good ol' Dr. Seuss said - "How did it get so late so soon, it's night before it's afternoon."

f. pea said...

Goodness, I'm with you on this one. I think it's the heat. Mint juleps needed on the sixth floor, stat!

Anonymous said...

you seem a little overburdened.
here is a zen proberb that i find helpful for those times....

There is nothing you must be.
There is nothing you must do.
There is nothing you must have.
There is nothing you must know.
And there is nothing you must become.
However, it helps to understand
that fire burns,
and when it rains,
the earth gets wet.

shari said...

love the caterpillars! very cool. am looking forward to seeing some of your collages. cheers, shari