Wednesday, June 28, 2006

all summer in a day

No one in the class could remember
a time when there wasn't rain.

has anyone
ever read
all summer in a day
ray bradbury?

the basic premise of the story
is centered around schoolchildren
who live on venus
some time in the future.
because of the thick atmosphere
it rains all the time,
so the sun only occurs
every seven years for an hour or so...
margot is a little girl,
originally from earth,
who desperately misses the sun.
she writes poems about sunshine
which leads her
to be teased relentlessly by her peers.
i won't ruin the ending of the story
but i saw
the short film version (1982) on pbs
when i was a kid
and i never forgot it.

today i feel
like margot
it's only been
4 days.

as promised
here is beth's
great monday give-away™

isn't it clever!?
i also got one from

she looks
in the dress!

i finally sent out
some packages
to one
of my
favorite people...
here are some
little collages
that were included:

sorry about
the poor picture

it's my
last night
of being 31.
goodbye 31.


lisa solomon said...

love those collages... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

any big plans???

[and the rain - we had 28 days straight here this spring.]

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Have a wonderful day!

Funky Finds said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I love a good birthday! :) Hope it's a special day for you & a fabulous year.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday!

"All Summer in a Day" is one of my favorite R. Bradbury stories. Reminded me a bit of "Lord of the Flies".

btw, I need to get shipping $ and my address to you for the retro flower pin. How do I go about doing that?

shari said...

hi and hello 32! happy birthday. hip hip hooray! the rain is a drag, huh? it's sunny in nc today. how about where you are? love love love the collages. super! xo s

rooster said...

Trust me, 32 is much better than 31 anyway.

I also saw the short film in grade school and never forgot it.

Happy Birthday!

KatDee said...

I remember that story. It always depressed me.

Happy Birthday tomorrow!


happy b day!!