Monday, May 29, 2006

great memoral day give-away™

the weather
was glorious...
and hot
this weekend.
aka humidity,
has arrived
in dc.
i wanted to lay
on cool grass
all day
watch caterpillars
looking at caterpillars
makes me
i know
it's not
for everyone.

as with all
long weekends,
i did not get
all the things
i wanted to
get accomplished...
but it was fun
just the same.

i am posting late
so i will get right to
today's give-away™
and get to all
the adventures

so here are my
for today...

don't forget to check here
for guidelines
and other monday give-aways!

the great monday give-away™:

1. vintage red Sears suitcase taken!

since i bought
another red suitcase
this past friday,
i need to pass this one
on to you...
it has
a nice clean
lovely paisley interior,
a spectacular red color!
it is 14" high
and 21" wide.
it is great
for stylish
in your home.
if you claim
this suitcase,
you will need to
pick it up
or pay shipping.

2. vintage green dress

ms. pea got this
for me
but unfortunately
it is too big.
it is super cute
with the striped top
and matching belt.
bust: 34"+ (very stretchy)
waist: 26"+ (very stretchy)

3. vintage blue-gray aeropak suitcase

also in great condition
with pristine pink lining.
a very stylish way
to travel
for short jaunts
to the seashore.
height: 14"
width: 21.5"

4. green Dickies purse taken!

purchased this in seattle.
don't really use it.
a great size
for everyday
and it's green to boot!
height: ~7.5"
width: ~8.5"
this lovely suitcase,
you will need to
pick it up
or pay shipping.

5. vintage needlecase taken!

storage for your needles
that is both vintage
and practical
(these do not always
go hand and hand).
chartreuse green
with needle measurer
at the top.
small piece broken
from the side.

hope you find
something you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
if something you receive
does not fit
or you do not like it
please pass it on to someone else.
please do not sell the items
i give to you for free.
i look forward to
your postcards.

hope you
your memorial day


Anonymous said...

Awww man!!!! If postage wasn't so expensive i'd be nabbing that red suitcase quick sharp.

bugheart said...

do you want me
to check how much
postage would be?

Anonymous said...

lovely goods! is the red case still available?

radmama said...

Oh! That red suitcase is beautiful, but I really love the needle case.

Funky Finds said...

i adore the red suitcase too. but i also love the dickies bag! is it still available?

bugheart said...

so far...
1. red suitcase: nichola
(if she wants to pay shipping to AU)
or patricia
2. green dress: still available
3. blue suitcase: still available
4. green purse: funky finds
5. needlecase: radmama

radmama said...

*jumps up and down*

This is such a great idea; if I run out of irl folks to gift my finds to, I'll have to add this feature to my blog.

I'm so excited! Lime green totally goes with the other nifty needle and hook containers that are collecting on the bookshelves. :-)

Let's chat about shipping:

radmama at gmail dot com

Rebecca said...

That blue suitcase is pretty... but I have no space for it in my apartment.

In fact, I'm doing my own give-away this week, inspired by yours. I think there will be more in my future as well.

And I posted a photo of me with a goofy grin wearing the skirt I got from you a few give-aways ago! Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Why is that we think we can accomplish about 2 weeks worth of things at the beginning of a 3 day weekend. Then, when the weekend is over we feel as if we've done NOTHING! Glad it isn't just me.

lomester said...

Oohh.. is the gray suitcase with pink lining still available? I think it is adorable

Jay said...

You are the most amazing photographer I know!? Have you contacted Sir David Attenborough and asked him if he would like to take you on his next documentary!? You should - you have a definite career there (either that or as a personal shopper!).

Anonymous said...

I'll take that blue suitcase, if it's still available!

gishygoo said...

This is Jennifer, posted above. Thanks! Your blog is amazing and I love the poetic way that you write!

oliviaorange said...

hey there. i'm not so good at the blogging i spose, but i've been lurking some. why don't you let me try that dress on? if it doesn't fit, i'll most certainly pass it on. green is one of my new favorite colors.

miss you lots. i go on vacation next week, i'll email you pictures.

Anonymous said...

i Have a Katasha's unusual listed on Ebay today 06-10-07