Thursday, May 18, 2006

collection collective: pyrex

it's wednesday
time for
the collection collective.

i had planned
to do
a self portrait
for tuesday
of my mom and i
when she arrived
last night
it was not to be...
my mother cancelled
her trip because
she is quite sick.
my father will now
only be here
for a few days
because he will
return home early
to be with my mom.

of course,
being raised catholic,
i can't help but feel guilty...
like i am being punished
for complaining
about the circumstances
of their visit or something.
do you ever feel that way?
when something bad happens
i always blame myself
for being mean, selfish, etc.
like i said-
it's probably just
the catholic upbringing.
so i was not up
for posting anything

but on a more cheery note...
did you see
amy's turtle collection?!?
i also really enjoyed
her matchbooks...
it's so wonderful
to get a peak into
blogger's collections!
what we collect
gives insight
into a bit of
who were are...
it allows us
to get to know
each other
and isn't a part of
this whole blogging thing
a desire to connect
with others-
make virtual friends?
i think so...
i am not sure
what kind of impression
my collections give you
except for
of how one
can have so much junk!
it would be wonderful
if you would
comment on
what you learn
from collections.

today my collection
is my pyrex glassware.

you may have
seen me acquire
several pieces on
value village friday...
i am particularly obsessed
with pieces that are solid
in color on the outside
and white on the inside.
i love the colors
they used for these pieces
in this era.

here is my pyrex:

although pyrex
has been around
since the early 1900s-
i believe these
dishes are from
the 1950s.

i found a little information
on pyrex here:
The Pyrex story began in 1912 when borosilicate glass was first developed to withstand extremely high or low temperatures for use in railroad signal lanterns for the American Railway Company. Purely as an experiment, a research physician asked his wife to bake a cake in an adapted base of a glass lamp. She did, it withstood the heat and the rest is history. Pyrex launched its first product in 1915, a flan dish.

my favorite piece
is the little chartreuse
covered dish
(second from
the top left)...
it's difficult
to find pieces
that still have
their covers.
what a beautiful

if you are into
vintage dinnerware
check out
eero's collection!

what do you collect?
please join
the collection collective
and show us your collections!


Shanna said...

i love pyrex! i have a few the nesting bowls and some of the baking dishes. i collect so much that i should probably join that collectors group! my enitre house is a 50's collection!

f. pea said...

i love you collectors and your amazing interior worlds. i don't really have any collections to learn from, but what i love about other people's collections is how they provide a look at how the person sees and orders the world, how they make sense of the chaos around us.

Eero said...

Ah, pyrex. I wish I could find more on my own thrifting adventures.
Hope your Mom gets well.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the pyrex. I was hoping we'd get to see it soon. I agree - the plain colored ones are beautiful all grouped together in your lovely collection. Well, no wonder you can "afford" to give away so much of it on Mondays!

I think collecting gives us all a micro-degree in curation -- we learn how to acquire, manage, store, display, preserve, educate others, and deaccession.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and sorry to hear about your Mom. (Got so excited with the pyrex...) It isn't just catholics -- I do that all the time, and even more so after I learned about karma....

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. I hope she gets better soon. That's a lovely pyrex collection. I wish I had room for one. I see them every month at the flea market...

Anonymous said...

Hope your mom feels better. I love your collection, who knew pyrex could be so beautiful??

bikeandbeer said...

hey... don't feel guilty... you are not responsible for things that happen in the universe! things always happen for a reason, and sometimes what looks like a bad thing, in the future may turn out to have happened for the better! think about it...

Tracykins said...

Oh, the colors look so lovely grouped together.
Sending get-well wishes to your mom!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh how beautiful!!! you have such a beautiful set :) i have only 2... a green one and a white one (like the one you have)...

a great collection

sooz said...


Now more than ever, I want your life - guilt, sickness and all. I get guilt and sickness without the pyrex. Except the ones you sent me of course.

Hope your mum is getting better and your guilt is lightening up.