Monday, May 15, 2006

my mother ... give-away™

i wanted to post
a lovely entry
about my mother
on mother's day
but i did not get
the chance...

here is
a little tribute
to my mother.
the most significant
influence of my life.
she is,
by far,
the most amazing
and wonderful person
in my world.
here she is with
all of us:

that little
blond yapper
in the middle
is me.
i look so cute there
but this is what
i looked like
most of my childhood:

note: broken arm,
yellow blanket,
and baseball cap.
3 staple ingedients
of my childhood.

my energy level
is low today
because i am
taking too much
being stressed
about school,
and both
my parents visiting!

my mother arrives
and my dad on friday.
why on earth
they decided to come
in this strange
overlapping pattern
is beyond me...
i am thrilled to see them,
don't get me wrong,
but i wish i could
have each parent
alone at separate times.
now you may
think they are coming
together because
they like to travel together.
my mom likes to do
completely different things
than my father.
my mom,
like myself,
likes antique shopping,
coffee and tea drinking
several times
during the day,
light veggie-friendly
swanky gourmet
my dad,
on the otherhand,
likes lots of meat
usually in
with no ambience,
hardcore site seeing
and doesn't much care
for shopping,
cutesy coffee shops
yarn stores
did i mention that
my parents
are conservative?
that should be fun.
i listened to
newt gingrich
on c-span last night
to prepare me...
all my bitching aside,
i really am excited
for them to visit
and see me
in all my dc glory

i did manage
to pull a few things
together for
the great monday give-away™.
i am trying to
vary the items
so that everyone
can find something
they like.
please make sure
to read
the guidelines.
i would greatly appreciate it
if you'd leave a comment
when you receive your item
so i know that you
received it
and that others
hear the praises
of the give-away™.

without further adieu...
the great monday give-away™!
oh and don't forget to check here
for guidelines and other
monday give-aways!

the great monday give-away™:

1. DANSK cheese/meat plate with bowl taken!

another fabulous
danish appetizer server.
great for parties.

2. vintage Swirl dress taken!

this is another
great wrap dress
from the 1950s by
one of my
favorite designers
of the time,
this dress is
flexibile in size
with only one button
at the top
in the back.
you dictate the size
by how tight
you tie the sash.
the top is ~b or c.
the waist is
from 31-35, i think.
it has a circle skirt
so can accommodate
most hip sizes.
it is made from
a beautiful light cotton
with a charming
front pockets
with embroidery.
i love this dress,
so please don't
cut it up.
pass it on
if it doesn't fit.

3. 70s/80s denim wrap skirt taken!

waist: 28-32 inches.
length: 27 inches.
great condition.

4. vintage owl compact taken!

still has the powder in it.
i planned to remove
the powder and use it
as a frame like
martha stewart did.
never got around to it.

5. vintage tupperware taken!

vintage 60s/70s
exactly the same
red and mustard ones
that i had as a kid.
the top has liquid inside
so you can put
the top in the freezer
and it then screw it on
and it keeps
the container cold.
i love them
but they are not
big enough
for my food.
perfect for kids.

6. vintage green brooch taken!

vintage 50s/60s
sparkley green
purchased at
the flea market in
raleigh, nc.

7. oh boy journal taken!

oh boy artifacts makes
the most stylish stationary products!
these retail for $20.
i got a bunch of their stuff
at marshall's
a few years back.
this is
5 x 6.5 in.
500 page
blank journal.

hope you find
something you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
if something you receive
does not fit
or you do not like it
please pass it on to someone else.
please do not sell the items
i give to you for free.
i look forward to
your postcards.
let me know if you are
a monday give-away.

enjoy your monday
and for something
to make you
squeal with delight
look here!


f. pea said...

oh! oh! oh! brooch! brooch! brooch! goodness, how exciting. can i have it? i'll even come pick it up myself... can't wait to meet your 'rents!

Anonymous said...

darn it, she beat me to the brooch :)

I can vouch for the gorgeousness of the swirl dresses, but I look like a zombie in blue so I won't rob you of your entire collection.

to celebrate receiving the other swirl dress, I've done a great monday giveaway myself today so do all go look if you'd like.

Good luck with the parents (and finding something good to do with your dad!)

ames said...

i would love the journal if it's not yet taken.

Sarah said...

Dang, Amp beat me to the journal... Love these Monday giveaways!

bikeandbeer said...

i will be having a giveaway also...
you inspired so many of us!
only mine will be called "the-not-so-great-but-
check it out later.....

Beta said...

I meant to connect w/ you over the weekend about the canisters. I could drop by any time tonight or tomorrow so as to have them out of your hair before the rents get here. Otherwise, we can pick a time next week once their gone.
I love the Dansk tray. But I just grabbed a houseware item from the last giveaway so i'll hold off. If you're still trying to get rid of it later, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Just read this post so here is a copy of my email to you extolling the virtues of the Monday Give-away!
Thank you for the lovely package! All the little bits inside were wondeful (the ribbon will be used promptly!). The CD is strange because it has two of my very favorite songs on it and the whole thing is what my husband refers to as "Katie music". I will be taking a photo when I get it all full of my things, it looks very good on my old dresses with the lion head pulls. A postcard will be off soon! I know you aren't going to ship outside the US anymore, but I will be peeking in on Fridays and Mondays anyhow :)

Tracykins said...

Woah, is that a real bug/insect/[I'm not an entomologist, so I don't knwo the right term]? It looks like a cartoon!

Anonymous said...

How many broken arms did you have, girl? And please make sure you aren't stressing over our swap. I don't want to contribute to anyone's stress! Have fun with your rents.

Shanna said...

I would love the Swirl dress if it's not taken! (pinkrocket at comcast dot net)

62cherry said...

i'd love the tuppawear if it's still on offer :)

Anonymous said...

oh shoot, pinkrocket beat me to the dress... :( is the compact taken already? i'm in the UK so will happily arrange to pay postage... i'll email you!

bugheart said...

thus far...
1. dansk tray: beta
2. swirl dress: pink rocket
3. wrap skirt: still available
4. compact: lilith
5. tupperware: justine
6. brooch: ms. pea
7. journal: amp

please make sure
to email me
with your address!

suzamaphone said...

hi, pony. i know i claimed another skirt in a past give-away, but now i want the denim wrap skirt, too! how can you part with that? it's so perfect. let me know if you want help with shipping costs....

also, i wanted to show you this really cute site.


bugheart said...

the skirt
goes to suz!