Monday, May 22, 2006

bye ms.pea, hello give-away™

ms.pea left this morning.
i am sad.
i adore ms.pea.
it's rare to find
a kindred spirit.
a person
that you feel
really knows you
and with whom
you can truely
just be you.
grad school can be
such a rollercoaster ride.
and sometimes
i get so down
i just hole myself up
and feel like
no one wants to hear
my whining,
my self-doubt,
my negativity...
especially on a blog...
f.pea told me
this morning
when i was ironing clothes
for the give-away™
how important it is
to put that out there.
that no one
wants to hear
your negativity
when you are
negative about others
but everyone
can be negative
about themselves.

i know this sounds
a little crazy
but it means a lot to me
that you are all out there...
the people
that may read my blog.
your comments
are like a compliment
from a stranger
when you are feeling
blah or down...
it gives me a little energy.
it makes me smile.
you all mean a lot to me
as corny as that sounds.
i am a person that
thrives on community.
i love feeling connected
to all of you.
i may not know you well
but i appreciate you
and hope that i do
get to know you better
in time.

reminds me of my mom...
can't quite place why
but she does.
as ms.pea gets a little older
she becomes
more beautiful.
the little lines
we get on our faces
as we age
are really beautiful on ms.pea.
they add something
soft and incredibly
warm and understanding
to her face.
that and her hands
constantly knitting
make you content
to sit all day
with her in silence.
it's beautiful
to sit silently with
a dear friend.

ms.pea's duffel bag
was packed with things
when she left this morning.
i kept finding things
in my closet for her!
so there was a little
great ms.pea give-away™
this weekend!

but now it's your turn.
today's give-away™ is
just purses and clothes.
sorry boys...

don't forget to check here
for guidelines
and other monday give-aways!

the great monday give-away™:

1. pink kitty collared shirt taken!

this is from H&M
and cute as can be
with little
dark and light blue
all over it.
size 6.

2. vintage Miss K collared-sleeveless floral shirt taken!

i love
the miss K
sleeveless shirts
from the 60s.
they look so cute
with jeans or capris.
it is a cotton/poly blend
but is vintage soft.
it has a charming
daisy flower pattern
in blue.
laying flat
it measures 21 inches
from armpit to armpit.

3. vintage seaform green dress taken!

this is a wonderfully soft
summer dress.
i think it is all cotton
no label.
i replaced the button
with a great matching
vintage seaform button.
it zips on the side
and my bust
is unfortunately
not enough
to do this dress justice!
bust: ~34-36"
waist: ~30"
length: ~26" from waist
good condition.

4. vintage floral top

label reads:
A Royal Blouse.
feels like cotton/linen.
bright yellow roses.
armpit to armpit
laying flat
measures 18.5".

5. Suzie Wong pseudo-chinese top taken!

burgandy top
purchased at least
8 years ago
in excellent condition.
stylish with jeans
or with more formal outfit.
18" from
armpit to armpit
laying flat.
fabric is
a stretchy poly blend.

6. plastic insect bag taken!

i have had this for many years
but don't use it
because i carry
too much crap
in my purse.
also great
for a young budding
(always worth

7. vintage knitting/sewing/yoga bag taken!

this is a great large bag
with wonderful handles.
maybe bakelite?
but it's old
so the plastic lining
on the inside
is dusting off...
all it needs is for someone
to sew a quick liner
and it would be perfect.
it is large
(19 " wide)
has a wonderful pattern.
i just have never gotten
a round to lining it.

hope you find
something you like!

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
if something you receive
does not fit
or you do not like it
please pass it on to someone else.
please do not sell the items
i give to you for free.
i look forward to
your postcards.

enjoy your monday
and check out
this cute site
brought to me
then to you
by west coast pony.


bikeandbeer said...

hey! i am the first! how exciting! i am not claiming any items... although the burgundy top is a cutie. but i am getting too much stuff already, what with previous give-aways and village fridays... so i'd like people to know i also am having a monday give-away. check it out later!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the comments and connections. They always bring me a smile and I treasure them as a little connection to other adults -- of whom I see precious few during my days. Your comments always make me smile and usually make me laugh. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

oh my, that bug bag is awesome... but i also love the miss k blouse... what a dilemma!! i don't want to be greedy so if there are other takers for either i'll gracefully bow out :) xo

Anonymous said...

how sweet!!! i love that green dress... i would love it!!! may i?

and i know what you mean about comments! they are inspiring and motivating... sometimes its nice to hear from strangers especially when the closer people may "forget"... does that make sense?! probably not

Anonymous said...

oh may i please have the suzie wong blouse? please oh please oh please?

primseydolls (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jay said...

OOh, how exciting... so much gorgeous stuff! Where do you find this stuff - you always find such wonderful and interesting things. But I really don't think any of the blouses would suit my complection, and I think the dress would only suit someone with breasts. So, might I request the bag? The vintage knitting/sewing/yoga bag..? I love it! I don't think I would carry it around, but would love to fix it up and have my current sock project nestled it in!

f. pea said...

goodness, what did i do to deserve such compliments??? i am happy to be back home but sad to have left. i miss you already! and i'm glad jay grabbed that bag - it is so cute!

bugheart said...

here's what's
been claimed
so far:
1. kitty top: still available
2. mrs. k top: lilith
3. green dress: ellia
4. vintage floral top: still available
5. suzie wong top: francie
6. insect bag: lilith
i am sending her 2 items
as a special exception
because she just missed
a dress last time.

7. vintage bag: jay!

. said...

Heya! Just popping in to say howdy and to send some cyber hugs your way... xo

Anonymous said...

oh bugheart, you rock!! :) please let me know about postage... i'll email you! xo

Jay said...

Blush... is it funny that a man got the handbag?
I miss MsPea too... but she is just next door in my Favourites folder, so you two are really neighbours in my world! Let that make the distance seem that much less!

Anonymous said...

Hello BH

If the kitty cat blouse isn't taken, may I have it? Just got the needle case, and a postcard and buttons winging their way back to you. Thanks!!!!!


Anonymous said...

thank you so much... do you think the green dress really requires alotta cup size? cuz i am a flat girl :(

(bust myself out, eh?!)