Saturday, April 22, 2006

village friday...prize from grub

my friday
was unusually hectic.
i was suppose to
be at my friend's
masters art show
in virginia
but instead
i was in charge
of a big
school function
and was stuck
in maryland.
grub went
to the show
for both of us.
keep an eye out
for saul
he's gonna be
a big shot

i did sneak off
friday afternoon
and head for
the village...

finds were sparse
and it was packed
with people.
i never understand
why people
in stores
behave so rudely...
- not moving their
shopping carts aside
so people can pass...
- bumping into you
and not excusing
- shoving their way
past you...
it's as if they
are in their own
little world.
people often do
that when they shop.
it drives me crazy.
especially when they
are rude to
the salespeople
and cashiers.
yesterday a woman
ordered a salesperson
to get something
off of a shelf for her.
i could not believe it.
and on top of that
she didn't say
thank you
after she treated
her like a

okay, tirade over...

here are my finds for today:

1. art deco silverware box

i like boxes.
i am always using them for gifts.
i have a plan
to make swap gifts,
like for the
color-iffic swap-o-rama,
all fit perfectly
into a box-
that is vintage
on the outside
and nicely collaged
on the inside.
i like it when things
fit neatly inside
a storage container
like tupperware
designed perfectly
to fit something
like ears of corn.

2. vintage wooden sailboat

a child's wooden toy.
my brother and
a dear friend
are both
going to have kids
so i am collecting
probably useless
(since it doesn't
make noise
or move)

toys for them.

in other news,
this afternoon
i received
anniversary prize

from grub.
we decided on
an deadline extension
for presents
because we both
still working on it
(aren't we perfect
for each other)...
mine is still
not done.

but here's
my prize
from grub:

the wrapping
with 8 bows:

the inside
(note: little 8
in corner...
so cute!):

the cd
with a grub
collage cover
(glare due to
restaurant lighting):

the inside:

i am one

here's a photo
from our
walk home:

a good


bikeandbeer said...

sorry i was not there for the village or the evening event.... i am finally out of bed today though, woohoo!!!! i will make up for the lost village trips next friday :-) what a great wrapping job from grub! you *are* made for each other!

Annemarie said...

silent toys are GOOD!

Anonymous said...

oh that sounds lovely-what a sweet man. Your finds are awesome. Do you ever go to NYC? If so, we should meet up and vintage shop together. :)

f. pea said...

*sigh* so romantic! those were not minimalist bows! a minimalist in love is a beautiful thing.

Tracykins said...

Silent toys are very good. Remember - a kid will spend more time playing with a box than one of those light-up music-making things.
And grub's gift is awesome...and so well-packaged. You two are a non-sickening kind of way.