Monday, April 24, 2006

hooray for the give-away™!

hooray for monday!
okay… not normally
but it’s a great day
because of
the great monday give-away™

i just want to emphasize
and those who
know me well
can vouch for this…
i have a lot of stuff.
so many many years
of thrift shopping
(and a brief
but intense
ebay habit)…
in fact,
i was trying
to organize
my closet for
the warm weather
(darn, i should have
taken a photo for you)
and i pulled out of
my storage container
over 20 wrap skirts!
i was a embarrassed.
i mean how many
wrap skirts
does a girl need?!
but you see
i was clever
(not usually the case).
i knew wrap skirts
were the way to go
because they
adjust in size
so as i am getting
into my 30s and
i am no longer
the waif that i once was
i can still fit
into my wrap skirts!
well, most of them.

so this give-away idea
is slowly catching on…
two wonderful bloggers,
miss dacia ray
are also giving things away
you see, it is
a good monday
after all!

here are the very
great monday give-away™ guidelines.
please read them
before claiming items.
also read about previous
give-aways here
and here.

now it’s time
the great monday give-away™:

1. malia wrap skirt taken!

malia designed clothes
for those 60s/70s
hawaiian vacations…
picture yourself
on a beach
with a mai tai
and that’s this skirt.
i absolutely adore
the design
but this skirt
is too small for me…
hopefully it will fit one of you.
this is really
a pseudo wrap skirt
because the pattern
needs to line up
at a particular waist size
which is ~ 28 inches.

2. vintage janzen skirt taken!

janzen is an old company
that has been designing
sportswear and activewear
since the 1940s…
but it was a lot more
stylish in the past.
this is another
tennis skirt
with a great design
and at tiny waist of 28 inches.
hope it fits someone
out there!

3. green fabric taken!

i purchased this
at a thrift store
for some project
that never got done.
it’s not my style anymore
so maybe one of you
could use it?!
~44 x 60 inches.

4. vintage shoes taken!

i am just throwing
this one out there.
i use to wear these
a long time ago
but god knows
why i still have them
(i don’t’ wear heels
and my style is not quite
as out there
as it once was)
but i think
they are cool on the right gal (or guy).
i bought them at a store
in hermosa beach
in the late 80s.
so they are vintage
twice over!
i wear size 8.
crab not included.

5. vintage check box taken!

are the days of
saving checks
this could also be used
to keep track of receipts
if you are the organized type.
i am very organized
but receipts
end up waded somewhere
in my pocket or purse
99.9% of the time.

6. vintage knitting bag taken!

great for the knitter
on the go
with compartments
for yarn and needles
a handy-dandy
measuring ruler
at the bottom.
it’s brown.
i have more knitting bags
than i know what to do with.

7. vintage traincase taken!

so cute!
check out the inside pattern.
perfect for your
carry-on luggage.
clean and in
near-perfect condition.
a little help
with shipping costs
would be appreciated
for this item.

hope you find something you like…

please pass on the word about
great monday give-away™.
if something you receive
does not fit
or you do not like it
please pass it on to someone else.
please do not sell the items
i give to you for free.
i look forward to your postcards.
let me know if you are
hosting a monday give-away!

have a great monday!


Jackie said...

I would love the traincase if no one has claimed it!

bugheart said...

don't forget
to email me
your address!

seal said...

I almost jumped on the Malia skirt since it's my name and all. But 28" is a little too tiny for me. :(

suzamaphone said...

i want the wrap skirt omg! and the knitting bag is dope, too, but i have too many bags.

wait. is it possible to have too many bags? maybe i *do* want the knitting bag.

suzamaphone said...

ooh ooh! i want the jantzen skirt too. i'm grabby, but i never get in on your monday giveaways in time.

i think 28" would fit me -- that just means it sits higher, yeah?

Jenn said...

If Suz doesn't want the knitting bag after all ;) I could find a home for it! And I love the check box too! I'm working up my previous postcard for you today - should be in the mail this week! :)

suzamaphone said...

jenn can have the knitting bag. i'm already being too greedy with the skirts. i just got excited. ;-)


bugheart said...

i would love to send
you all
more than one item
but i think it's
most fair
to spread the wealth.
let me know
your first choice
and if no one claims
your second choice
by the time i mail it out,
i will send you both.
does that sound fair?

suzamaphone said...

sorry. ;-( i forgot about the one-item-per-grabby-pony rule because i've never gotten to play great monday give-away(tm) before. bad newbie!


bugheart said...

it's good to get excited
about free stuff!
don't apologize.
i am super-grabby-
how the hell
do you think
i ended up with
all of this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Do you think i could grab the fabric? Pretty please? Thankyou. ;-)

Annemarie said...

love the check box!
and we don't even use checks over here... must be my soon-to-be-mom-so-everything-shall-be-organized-hormones...
(i can pay shipping costs in nijntje-socks, droste chocolat, or HEMA roll-ons...)

Anonymous said...

What lovely goodies! I am back from my break and ready to send you a thank you package for treats I recieved, I promise to not make you wait much longer!

bikeandbeer said...

the shoes are MINE!!!!!! love them!

Rebecca said...

I would love the Jantzen skirt if it is still unclaimed! I found your blog through This Monday give-away is a great idea... I don't own too much stuff, but I live in a one bedroom apartment, so I always need to clear out some space. Maybe I'll try a Monday give-away too.