Friday, April 21, 2006

office corner quickie

i meant
just a quick post.

first of all
thanks for the
kind words
of sympathy
with respect to
my lard ingestion.
i really appreciate it.
certain labmates
thought it was hysterical
and are still making jokes
about my lard-eating.
my surrogate brothers.

i left in a hurry
this morning.
late as usual.
so no
corner of my home
but rather,
here is a corner
of my other home-
my office:

in case
you haven’t already…
check out
a collage a day
and i thought it was difficult
to take a photo a day!
my current favorite is
this one.
randel’s work
is eerie and wonderful
and his collages
are for sale…
every day.

i am obsessed with
brooke’s jewelry.
i just bought this
and i am trying to keep
myself from buying this
it is so beautiful
but i keep telling myself
i look bad in yellow.
but wait…
i am wearing yellow today!

uh oh.

until tomorrow…


f. pea said...

i can help you with that necklace. i have one made with beads like those (mine is white - i look dead in white). my clothes pull on it sometimes and it is like horrible little teeth digging into my neck. i always ask myself, why did i wear this damn necklace today? so, there you go. evil beads.

Anonymous said...

sorry bout the lard.
dont go to mexico.
everything is fried in lard.
hope this gets through.
i have had computer trouble all week,
on top of getting audited by the irs.
i will take lard over the irs any day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Collage a Day link. Wow, awesome stuff. Just bought the superstitious raven.