Wednesday, April 26, 2006

SPT: annemarie & me

self portrait tuesday!
on time for once.

the theme
is april fools.

i am quite a silly sort.
but i am most silly
with certain friends of mine
west coast pony

so my silly portrait
is of annemarie & me

annemarie has been
on my mind a lot
because she is just
about ready to have
a baby-
like this thursday
if that's what
groot kind

and i met first in
my old undergrad
bug lab,
we really became
fast friends
when she joined my
swimming team.
i was
a synchronized swimmer.
she and i
did the cutest duet to
it's oh so quiet
by bjork.
what other song
is perfect for
this dutch/american duo?
it was so much fun!
we put daisies
between our toes
and splashed
the audience
a lot.
i will try to pass on
my synchro skills
bug love
little wollekje.

the collection collective!
email me
if you also plan
to post a collection.
i will put up a flickr group


sooz said...

Ha ha are sooo cool. And don't tell me, your forray into syncho swomo was before the days when it became retro groovy? Thought so. You crack me up.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect song to synchronize swim to. That is, perhaps, one of the coolest things :)

Annemarie said...

Very honored by this blog entry...
Favorite memory of our synchro days: trying to come up at the same time! You (being a 'sinker') having to work your way up like crazy, me (being a 'floater') trying to stay under long enough to hit the cue (-:

seal said...

dude, i was in synchro, too. not for very long but it has a soft spot in my heart. every once in a while i try to do a figure or something - i'm so not in good enough shape anymore - that stuff's harder than it looks!

Beta said...

I love the mental picture of the two of you upside in the water with daisies between your toes rocking out to It's Oh So Quiet.
Looking forward to Donnerstag!

f. pea said...

I am looking forward to seeing people's collections. Maybe I could join in and post pictures of all the things I throw away or take to the thrift shop?

Anonymous said...

i too am a compulsive organizer. must run in the family. sometimes i have to stop myself from organizing because i realize that i am spending more time organizing than i am doing the thing that i am orgainzing for, such as getting caught up in rearranging my studio. perhaps it is growing up in a large family with a lot of stuff around. or maybe it is trying to make order out of chaotic world...