Thursday, March 23, 2006

paper swap ... photo block

i grew up in southern california.
the sun would shine
through the bougainvillea
into my sister and my bedroom
in the afternoon.
as a kid i loved to take a pencil
and trace the shadows each day
on the white walls.
i thought the pattern was so pretty.
the shapes would change
as the bougainvillea grew
or when i caught the shadow
later in the day and
when the shadow was in a different place.
then my mom noticed
and i had to scrub the walls clean.

my apartment has a northern exposure
so there are few sun shadows in our apartment.
i would trace them again if i could.

yesterday i finally mailed
my scrap paper package
for camilla's paper swap:

i was inspired by her work
and her cute little dog morran.
so i made her a felt envelope
to hold all her new scrap papers.
it’s a big envelope-
about 11 by 14 inches…
i can show you photos of it
because i am sure that
she does not read my blog.

i tried to capture morran’s likeness..
what do you think?
can you see the bouncing red ball?
i sure hope she likes the package
and doesn’t think i am a big dork.

now i am working on another pack
for the sweet pea paper & ribbon swap .
i am having fun picking out ribbons
for my swap pal.
she doesn’t like bright colors and i do
as demonstrated by my outfit today:

so i am carefully choosing the ones
i think she would like
and buying a few at the fabric store.

i am still working on
30 day photo challenge.
i am feeling a bit challenged by it
due to lack of time and
the photos that i am taking
are not pleasing me at the moment.
am i experiencing photo block?
i would appreciate comments
on my photos if you are bored.
you can see them here.


bikeandbeer said...

you sure did capture morran's likeness. how can you be so good with fabrics and stuff??? amazing. you are a true artist.

Anonymous said...

Love the tree shadow on house photo! Yes, looks like the photos of Morran I've seen. That dog is too cute.

Hey, your photos are great. I've felt blocked too -- just about all photos for a couple weeks now have been at my house. I mean, how photogenic is that. But finally had the opportunity to go somewhere today and I was snapping left and right -- it felt good. Only posted one on flickr but will do more tomorrow. Just go somewhere new, if you have a chance.

Ma'ai said...

I love my memory of your window.

Remember how we used to lust after the house with the cutout heart windows and balcony? We should have just appreciated our own windows more.

I still dream sometimes that I'm visiting you in your old house or we're walking up the hill. In my dream there are houses and giant trees lining streets that I don't think were ever there.

Anonymous said...

But now I did ;) You've never left your website address before. I LOVE your package with Morran and everything in it! It's wonderful. Thank you, thank you thank you!