Thursday, March 09, 2006

the quality of light

i have been participating in
two photo challenges,
self portrait tuesday
30 days of photos.
this has made me keenly aware of
the quality of light
each day.
i am a bit light-obsessed.
i am like a plant
in need constant sunlight.
light is so important in photography.
since the 30 days of photos challenge
i wake up and think
it’s clear and sunny,
hooray, there will be shadows…
it will be a good day for photos!

on these days
i take the most pictures
that please me.
but today is one of those days
that the light is like a constant glare.
everything is washed out.
i wait for evening…
i almost didn’t take a photo
that i could stand posting
until it was time for bed

spot had left several of
her toys on the bed.
her knotted felt “tail”

and some yarn she stole
that you can see

i have also
been taking some photos
each day in preparation for next week’s
self portrait tuesday.
here’s one:

i am a judge for a 4H science fair!
i hope to take some photos
with the kids and their projects.

i also have been collecting together
all my scraps of paper
paper-n-ribbon swap
camilla’s scrap paper swap.
it is so exciting.
i hope that
my paper scraps are well-received!


Not your average girl said...

I like your blog, good on ya.

f. pea said...

how was the science fair??!!?

f. pea said...

also please don't kill me with excitement about swapping paper! so! exciting!