Wednesday, March 08, 2006

self portrait tuesday: slices of my day

A new month...
a new self portrait challenge.
march self-portrait challenge is time.
we are to document time
with several photographs.
i have been busy with the
30 days of photos
that i almost forgot about it...

i decided to document myself
throughout the day today.
so about every hour
since before i got up
this morning
i took a quick photo of myself.
unstaged, wherever i was.

slices of my tuesday:

hour 1: trying to wake
hour 2: waiting for my carpool
hour 3: driving to school
hour 4: morning email
hour 5: in my lab
hour 6: getting a new desk at surplus
hour 7: teaching about respiration
hour 8: waiting for the next class
hour 9: driving home with scott
hour 10: home again (early for once)

i am tired.
no more photos of me tonight.
sweet dreams.


Deb R said...

I love the format of slices. Very creative!

Winter and Wine Markets said...

i really like your 'slices'....out of all of the SPT i find yours most interesting. thanks.