Tuesday, February 14, 2006

self portrait tuesday

17-year-old cicadas spend most of their 17 years underground
with their mouthparts stuck into the xylem of plants.
after 17 years underground they have less than a month to emerge,
meet the right cicada, have sex, have babies and die.

we have a hell of a lot longer than that
and less of a chance of ending up on a windshield.

here is my little valentine's tribute to ephemeral cicada love:

it’s self portrait tuesday once again!
the all of me challenge is not an easy one…
who really wants to see bad pictures of me, my fat, pimples or spider veins?

so this is a fine photo that my brothers just love of my sister and i.
it was taken a few years back in seattle at my brother’s housewarming party.
We both have inherited the ability to have the worst possible facial expressions when snapshots are taken.
my brothers have used little cut-outs of us in numerous, very-flattery collages…

i decided to modify it a bit.

don’t worry meg, i only have eyes for you.
jack is all yours ms. pea.


f. pea said...

oh my god, you even color-coordinated your outfit with the band! you are SO HOT!

Kathleen said...

this post is hilarious.
and i love that you honored the cicadas...i have always thought their story was so romanticly tragic.

julie persons said...

love your pics! Too funny...
poor cicadas!