Thursday, September 02, 2010

betwixt & between

a little bit of summer

a time
of year
when we are caught
a little bit of summer
a little bit of fall.

knowing one
is coming
to an end
for the other
to arrive.

i feel
i am being
between the
two seasons.
caterpillars are
still out
teaching has

i know many of you
want to
hold on to summer
but i am
ready for her
to let me go
i can
be with fall.

a little bit of fall



Anonymous said...

oh, just today i though i should expect something from you. the whether is inspiring, at least here in bulgaria ))

Anonymous said...

okay, i'm sleepy and obviously can't spell, it's weather*, of course

alexandria said...

I am so ready too. Your photos from the diana are magic. I hope teaching is going well for you!

lisa solomon said...

for us summer has just begun ! :)

hope your class is going ok!

Lili said...

I am so ready for summer to let go as well. Just when I thought it was cooling down it got hot again!

Juliana said...

muito legal , é uma lente especifica neh!!

kiss me quick said...

I love this. so inspiring.

xxx kissmequick

amisha said...

hope that school is off to a good start for you. today is my sort-of last day of summer... work starts tomorrow. i will be walking in and i wish it was fall because it is still very hot outside :)

f. pea said...

i sure do share this sentiment. thanks for the pics!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

I'm just not sure what I want, but I do like your photographs.