Friday, March 05, 2010

t e x a s

my texas travel planner

i was
this past week

i fell
in love
a town
beaten up
one hurricane
after another
in the off-season,
it is
a town of
great history

my photo tour

galveston: first day
i had to walk on the beach my first day

galveston: morning
morning under the pier

galveston: fence
a town of beautiful victorian houses

galveston: old synagogue
an old synagogue

galveston: stroll
another stroll

galveston: stilts
why do people build on the ocean?

galveston: star diner
i had an egg cream at this old school soda fountain

galveston: old theatre
a boarded-up theatre

galveston: pink stairs
i fell in love with these pink stairs

galveston: castles by the sea
castles by the sea

galveston: self portrait
a self-portrait

galveston: last day
a cold last day

can't believe
it's already
time to plan
for the next trip...
we are off
to paris
in a week!

i feel like
a jet-setter
(i am really not).



Bea said...

Never has desolation on Texas beaches looked so achingly gorgeous.

alexandria said...

As I looked over your polaroids and words, it just kept getting better and better until I found myself at the very end hoping for more. So I lingered over each one again. With the news of your trip to Paris upcoming...I'm terribly excited for you and hope it's an amazing time for the both of you.

lisa solomon said...

the images are beautiful beautiful beautiful. i never would have thought i'd want to go to texas, but now i do.

lucky you going to paris !!!

keep an eye out - package went off to you today!

Sungopolis said...

Oooo. I can't wait to see the wardrobe planner for Paris. What will be the color scheme?

Adamandia said...

Those pink stairs are wonderous and awesome!

Alichka said...

SO jealous you got to go to Galveston. When I first moved to the East Coast and we went to the beach, the real beach, on the real ocean, I was so perplexed...where are the piers? Where are the seafood restaurants? Why is the water so damn cold??

:) Sometimes I miss the Gulf.

RW said...


mamatronic said...

Good to see Galveston's captured. Beaches are different on the gulf, I think the polaroids do them justice.

Lili said...

Your polaroids are so great. I love how they tell a story. The typography you capture are so wonderful as well. have a nice weekend and have a great time in Paris!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

My husband and I were in Galveston last year before we went on a cruise. Such a charming town! Have a good weekend!

Janet said...

I really love Texas, and am really hoping to make it to Galveston some day. Your photographs are amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to come of of lurker-dom just long enough to Thank you for sharing your vision of this stunning place!

I want to make enough money so that someday I can buy old boarded-up theaters and restore them.

babelfish said...

I love these polaroids, so tranquil and nostalgic...the peeling paint and decay is appealing in its own way.