Sunday, January 24, 2010


seattle, by the reservoir
seattle, by the reservoir

i woke up
the ground
was wet
the sky
was grey.
a seattle day
i know so well.
strange to be
i use to
hate so much.

i am feeling
i have
been sorting
old photos
to store away
for a while.

for some reason
these photos
caught my
in the stacks
of photos...

so like
we are sitting
in the living
room on a rainy day
i will share
them with you...

a puzzling sky
a notable sunset
oh spring
i have been
in love
that look
like paintings.

my french grandmother,
i wonder how
old she
is here.
i wish
i knew her.

a obidient dog
a knitter in paris
i bought
these photos
in an amazing
store in paris.
a store full
of vintage photo equipment
and photos.
i bought
these two photos-
i only
had a few moments
to look around
and i just
to have something.

last year's garden
there's an old
woman by school
who has
an amazing
it reminds me
the secret garden.

wishing you
a good evening...
a lovely

a moment at night



emily said...

well you know that i love polaroids that look like paintings. (and i've been feeling sentimental lately, too.) wishing you a good week.

Anna said...

these are great. i love finding an old pile of photos and going through them.

Ashb said...

I so know how you are feeling. I'm ready for spring to crop up and surprise me any day now. I also get nostalgic about Seattle. I miss it there so much and I miss you! xo

alexandria said...

I really like this look back you shared. Beautiful, beautiful yes.

Anonymous said...

Jenny, that is Angus the collie in the photo with her--I think he died when our father was in his early 20s, so that should give you a frame of reference.

Also, I'm quite sure that is the Eagle Rock House in the background, so they were already in California. I think they moved there after Daddy graduated in '52, when she was 47.

Her hair and clothes, bear that out. I'd say she was in her late 40s-early 50s.

Erin Lang Norris said...

wow. those polaroids are so good.

i love the ones you rescued for your collection...and the secret garden? perfect.

i've never been to seattle, but i know what it's like to feel the coziness of nostalgia. i was so excited to buy a house right by the train tracks. i lived in a house next to train tracks my entire life- i came to miss the rumble of the freights. although they do not frequent the tracks we live by now, they still bring that fuzzy feeling along with them.

Into The Maze said...

I love the way you write your blog. It's cute! Anyways, those are pretty neat photos. :)

lisa solomon said...

thank you for sharing these moments. such quiet and lovely things. [and how nice to HOLD them instead of them being digital]

Julie & Julia Express said...

beautiful pictures !!

f. pea said...

ooh i love sorting through old pictures. except yours are way cooler than mine!!

Julia said...

these are quite lovely, gwen. thanks for sharing these little moments with us :)

Lisa said...

Gwen, these are lovely, and you've captured perfectly what I miss perhaps the most about film -- not the tones or the light (lovely things, of course) but the spontaneity of sitting with a stack and coming across who knows what. Now, everything is so intentional and specific and thematic. The ease of all that appeals to the thing in me that loves to organize and share easily, but I wonder what we're losing?