Monday, January 18, 2010

keeping time

keeping time

there's something
so pleasing
the same
and again
and again.

same form
but different
different color.
the evolution
of the object.

that is why,
i think,
i love collections.

my collections
have changed
a lot
my life.

this is
what i
am currently

1. vintage wind-up alarm clocks
(preferably foreign)
i want this alarm clock
from soviet vintage etsy shop

2. bell jars

3. vintage rubber stamps
i just bought this stamp
from heliopsis etsy store

4. cameras
thrifted: savoy camera
from my collection

5. old well-loved teddy bears
panda bear
from hindsvik's vintage etsy shop

. . . . .

what are you

. . . . .

some wonderful

camilla engman


lisa congdon

oh bara

heather smith jones

have a
lovely week.


MWM said...

I love clocks so much! I was excited when I saw the image in flickr -I thought maybe the orange one was in your vintage shop:)

Anonymous said...

Old wind up clock alarms are so alarming, they scare me awake..though they do look wodnerful.

I collect beanies and wintery headbands.

Are shoes a collection or just an obsession?

emily said...

i love collections way too much. my biggest is seashells, beach rocks + seaglass. my most precious is my father's collection of fountain pens. i love seeing yours! (and i especially love that giant rubber stamp.)

Monna said...

i too love the clocks. they remind me of my grandmother.

we're collecting tibetan singing bowls and green celadon pottery over at at

have a lovely day.

Anna said...

what a great collection...of collections! recently, i've been collecting the letter A (for anna) it is fun. p.s. nice new header.

Callie said...

I collect Cinderella books, Samsonite train cases, foxes, and good luck charms.

Laura said...

Very inspiring collections. I find I appreciate them more when organized in such a thoughtful way. I'm collecting vintage beveled mirrors, old cameras and typewriters.

Lulu said...

i love this post! your collections seem so wonderful =] i don't really collect anything books count? they just kind of add up. so do the candles.

Eero said...

Vintage rubber stamps! I'd love to see that collection.

Hmmmm...what do I collect? Crappy cars? Haha...

I think I only have my bone collection. Going strong since I was 10 yrs old.

alexandria said...

What a neat thing to collect those clocks! I'm slowly working a button collection.

Erin Lang Norris said...

I'm collecting:

vintage wool blankets
yellow enameled items
things made in japan

lisa solomon said...

oh - i have a teddy bear that might need to be yours. he's on the big side, but....

i love your collections....

lisa solomon said...

p/s love the new header!

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

That is the sweetest little bear.

I collect fortunes from fortune cookies. It just seems like bad luck to throw them away, so each time I open a fortune cookie I tuck the fortune in a book or drawer.