Monday, July 06, 2009

a little this, a little that

can she make a cherry pie?

like many of you,
is a busy time
for me.
especially since
it is my last
field season
for my phd
(both a relief
& very scary).

in between
caterpillar collecting,
moth collecting
i have had
a little time
to do
this and that.

spin green
drop-spinning classes.
more on sew green...

july: cupcake tasting
cupcake tasting
around town...

i have a dream
with my sister
(she was in town
for my birthday)...

moth collecting with my siblings
taking my siblings
moth collecting...

bee installation
beautiful birthday
cut-out installation
by my brother
(inspired by
fruitless fall).

july: summer roll-making
4th of july
summer roll making...

july: peach pie making

happy belated 4th!

what have you
been up to?

more soon,


Helene Miller said...

Very nice blog. Have a great summer!

Rachel said...

A PhD in entomology! How exciting! The moths look very interesting, and the cupcakes delectable. Hope you have a good summer :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Gwen, do you think you could possibly find a picture where my calves look FATTER???

Yer sister

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

beautiful this and thats

Vanessa said...

fun photos! my favorite is the one of the cup cakes!

Unknown said...

Another beautiful entry! I really enjoy your blog and I'm passing an Honest Scrap award to you!

You're an Honest Scrap!

lisa solomon said...

that cut out is amazing....

i have to finally order your b-day present! ack!

Chase Clark said...

Wow, everything looks so beautiful, and your brother's art is amazing! Hope you had a lovely birthday!

Karen said...

Um. Could you give us the cupcake recipe? Beautiful photographs!

alexandria said...

Lovely photographs and wonderful things happening lately for you!

f. pea said...

um... i have been doing none of that, though it all looks marvelous and makes me jealous of your fabulous life! dang, you leave the house - like EVERY day! want to trade for a day or two?

artsybee said...

seems like such a fun summer so far! and those bewitching cupcakes...
enjoy the rest of the summer!

Miriam said...

omg such a cute blog

Eero said...

Whoa---you must be busy if we haven't heard from you in a month.

Hope all is going well on your side of the world! I was in VT for a month and letterboxed like mad and got several other artists into it.

Maybe we'll meet up on the West coast again since Johnny Sidecar has made his move?

Take care,

Miriam Vaswani said...

That cut-out is beautiful! Very impressed.

babelfish said...

Yum, the food looks delicious. Sounds like you had a great summer, love your photos.