Saturday, May 09, 2009

roid week

'roid week 2009: sheep & wool fest (mon)

this week
roid week 2009.
i was feeling
very uninspired
with all
the rain
and clouds
i took
one polaroid
a day.

my favorite
was tuesday.
i took it
right before
i got
a bee sting
to the head
(roid week injury).

'roid week 2009: beekeeping (tues)

roid week: rain (wednesday)

roid week: more rain (thursday)

roid week:metro sun (friday)

thanks to
mailed me

a lovely weekend!


Anonymous said...

cool idea...i like tuesday best too...stinks about the bee sting.

lisa solomon said...

i'm kind of partial to friday.... glad you shot some!

Lisa said...

Cool pics and composition....sorry about the mean bee.

Poke Salad Annie said...

i like wednesday best! (but they're all lovely)

andrea said...

cool idea

Blinky St. James said...

It's hard to pick a favorite out of those but I like Friday! :D

shari said...

i heart tuesday and wednesday. happy weekend. xo

babelfish said...

Everyone of them so beautiful, a bee sting? ouch, that's some dedication :)

alexandria said...

I love them all...a seriously cool week of shots.

Melanie said...

hello, just came across you beautiful blog. i'll be sure to visit again.

Jacqueline said...

I hope you had a good weekend! I love your idea of one polaroid
a day. Love all your photos from Monday to Friday! :)

BEESTLYproducts said...

i adore the first two..... i've been thinking about splurging on one of those fuji instant cameras for weeks.